Today we are seeking the service of a longarm quilter more often than ever. Follow these commandments for a more pleasant experience and happiness when your quilt makes its way back home:

Quilting stitches1.  Thou shall not safety pin, baste, or fuse the quilt top, batting, and backing together.  On a longarm machine, the layers are on rollers so they must be kept separate.

2.  Thou shall not tell the quilter to do anything she wants and then complain that the quilt doesn’t look like you expected.

Communication is the key.  Be sure and let your quilter know what you like and dislike about quilting. 

•  Do you want the thread to contrast or blend.  By the way, carefully consider your backing choice when deciding on thread choices for the quilting.
•  Do you like meandering/stippling? 
•  How heavy do you want it quilted? 
•  How much will this cost? 
•  Will there be lots of thread color changes? 

On the longarm quilting machine3. Thou shall not covet your friends quilt.  Get busy, make yours, and get the name and number of the quilter.

4.  Thou shall not use the quilters name in vain if a quilt top that is not square comes back not square!  If you send something that is not square, it will either come back not square or it may have tucks quilted into it. 

5.  Remember your quilters name and phone number and keep it handy.

6.  Honor the quilter by giving her credit whenever possible.  This is very important when entering quilt shows or putting photographs on the internet.

7.  Thou shall not commit the quilter’s sin of buying cheap fabric – especially for the backs!!  No Sheets!!  No selvedges – not even in seam allowances!! 

8.  Thou shall not make your backing and top the same size.  Most longarm quilters require the backing and batting to be a minimum of 6” wider and 6” longer than the quilt top.  Your backing fabric must also be square!!!

9.  Thou shall not use yucky, funky batting.  Most quilters prefer to use the batting that they stock.  It comes on a 30 yard roll and therefore is flat and easier to work with than batting ...

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Birthday Club details are here!

1/22/2015 10:53 AM

Birthday Club

Starting in 2015!

Join our Stitchin' Heaven Birthday Club and earn rewards every year!

It's simple to join: just give us your Contact Information and your Birth Date, then spend at least $500 during the year to earn 5% back.

By your next Birthday, if you have spent at least $500, we will celebrate with you by sending you a gift certificate equal to 5% of the purchases (excluding Travel Reservations) you have made with us.

A little 2016 Bonus:  This year, since this is a new program, purchases began accruing on January 1, 2015 and will be figured according to how much you spent from then until your birth month in 2016. After this, points will be figured according to your purchases made during the 12-month period after your birth month.  (Example:  February 2016 to February 2017)

How To Sign Up:

  ○ Make sure we have your Birth Date when you make your next purchase
  ○ Spend $500 or more throughout the year
  ○ Quilt!
  ○ Wait until your Birth Month
  ○ Get your Birthday Present from Stitchin' Heaven!

Thank you for your loyalty, and Happy Birthday!

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