Dritz Ironing Pad

SKU: 072879065695
Pack this ironing blanket in your suitcase when you go on vacation or travel for business. Enables you to iron on floor or tabletop. Safely iron on any surface.

Heat and scorch resistant ironing surface
Size: 28 1/4 in (71.76cm) x 21 3/4 in (55.25cm)
Can Be Used Horizontal or Vertical
Heat Reflecting, Scorch Resistant Ironing Cover Allows Garment To Absorb All The Heat
Heavy Duty Nylon Pad Permits Soft, Smooth, Quieter Ironing
Substantial No Slip Beige Lining with Foam Backing Prevents Blanket Sliding
Protects Surfaces While Pressing ( Use Care When Steaming)
Folds or Rolls Up Neatly For Storage And Travel
Heat-reflecting, scorch-resistant cover allows garments to absorb all the heat – Polyester fiber batting filling permits soft, smooth, quieter ironing – No-slip backing prevents pad sliding. Protects surfaces while pressing (use care with steam) – Folds neatly for storage and travel – 100% Cotton Shell – 100% Polyester Batting Filling


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