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Longarm Quilting Services at Stitchin' Heaven

Longarm Quilting Services Available!

      • Let us help you with your edge-to-edge quilting on our brand new Gammill Statler Stitcher®
      • Don't just make those tops - let us finish them for you
      • Hobbs Heirloom batting available
      • Don't like to do the binding? Let us do it for you

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For more information, stop on by, call us at
800-841-3901, or email us!



Edge to Edge .......... 2¢ per square inch*
Edge to Edge (dense) .......... 2.2¢ per square inch*
Thread .......... $3.00 - Regular
$5.00 - Varigated
Batting .......... 25¢ per linear inch
Attach Binding .......... 5¢ per linear inch
Finish Binding by Machine .......... 5¢ per linear inch


*Prices subject to change without notice.


*Minimum Charge $40.00/item


*Getting a rough estimate: Determine the overall square inches in a quilt, measure the top of the quilt, then the side.  Multiply these two measurements. For example:  A quilt that is 60" x 72" = 4200 square inches.
Then, multiply this amount by .02 to determine the cost.  4200 x $.02 = $84 for the quilting service.



Quilt tops should lay flat and be square to avoid puckering when quilted.

Excess fabric in borders can result in puckers during quilting.

Edge seams should be secured. Press quilt top and remove excess threads. Pin your name and phone number to your quilt top and backing.

Helpful Hint to prevent quilting puckers:

Measure your quilt across the top, at the center, and at the bottom. These three measurements should be the same. If not, make necessary adjustments prior to quilting. We are not responsible for puckers on quilts that are not square.



Selvages should be removed and seams (1/2" seam allowance) pressed open.

Backing should be squared at the top and bottom and should measure 8-10 inches larger than the quilt top.

Sheets cannot be used as backing.



Prepare your quilt top and bring it to Stitchin' Heaven during regular business hours.

Check in:

      • Preview quilt top and backing with Stitchin' Heaven staff member.
      • Make selections on quilting design and thread preferences.
      • Review and sign estimate



A Stitchin' Heaven staff member will call when your quilt is ready to be picked up. Full payment is due at the time of pick up.



"Thank you so much! The quilt was beautiful, and I appreciate you getting it back so quickly!" - Patti Logan
"I just got my quilts and they are awesome! Please tell Lucy thanks so much and she did a fantastic job!" - Julie Shrewsbury
"Dear Lucy,
Thank you again for the beautiful quilting you did on my quilt! It is beautiful! Enclosed is another quilt called "Dancing with the Stars" - it was a block of the month from Stitchin' Heaven. Also I got the backing from your quilt shop. Cannot wait to talk with you about your quilting ideas for this quilt. Talk to you soon.
Sincerely, Patti Logan
PS Please enjoy candy enclosed for you & your team!"
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