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Director of Marketing

General Job Description

The Stitchin’ Heaven Marketing Manager is responsible for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for the organization in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.

The day-to-day tasks include managing and coordinating marketing and creative staff, leading market research efforts to uncover the viability of current and existing products/services, and liaising with media organizations and advertising agencies.

Our Marketing Manager is a great business leader as well as a great marketing leader. He/she is responsible for working with the Leadership Team to determine budgets and targets, and this individual often is responsible for developing pricing strategies for products and services. In this position, excellent communication skills are required as the individuals in the marketing department will look to the Marketing Manager for guidance and direction

The Marketing Manager is responsible for providing sales and service to those customers who are interested in and/or purchase products associated with our Marketing Department. This individual is keenly aware of the processes within the Marketing Department and has knowledge of every aspect of the processes needed to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Our Marketing Manager possesses a “can-do” attitude understands the importance of delivering the product on time with the highest level of quality available.

Our Marketing Manager is creative & innovative. She/he can spark the fire and can find a better way when needed. They are always learning and takes initiative. Often described as a focused, self-improving, and hardworking individual. We will find this person as a self-starter and someone who will do the job when it is not their job. Marketing Manager is accountable for meeting goals, is a team player, and understands how to “WOW” people whether it is a customer, team member or vendor.

The Marketing Manager will reinforce customer relations, improve the organization's image, and effectively deliver on marketing objectives.

Roles and Responsibilities

·        Interviews, hires, and trains marketing staff members

·        Establishes marketing goals based on past performance and market forecasts

·        Oversees current offerings and develops initiatives for new products or services

·        Researches and analyses market trends, demographics, pricing schedules, competitor products, and other relevant information to form marketing strategies

·        Works with marketing staff to develop detailed marketing plans for all media channels and sales teams

·        Approves and oversees the creative development of promotional materials, website content, advertisements, and other marketing-related projects

·        Develops individuals to write SEO driven blog articles

·        Develops team members to review website graphics on a regular basis. These individuals provide updates to keep information current and informative to help drive sales revenue

·        Works within the department budget to develop cost-effective marketing plans for each product or service

·        Tracks all marketing and sales data and creates detailed written reports and verbal presentations to bring to senior executives

·        Adjusts marketing campaigns and strategies as needed in response to collected data and other feedback

·        Demonstrates excellent written communication



Qualifications for the Job

·        Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Business, or a Related Field

·        Experience building complex marketing programs and reporting on the results

·        Exposure to digital and direct response marketing

·        Understands how to utilize SEO to achieve web traffic goals

·        Competence as a creative writer with an eye for great emails and landing pages

·        Strong project management skills

·        Strong problem-solving ability, including metrics-driven thinking

·        Ability to travel as necessary



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