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Maxine Rosenthal Retreat

July 17-21, 2024

Maxine Rosenthal and Nancy Miller Retreat graphic

Join us for the One-Block Wonder Panel Quilt Retreat led by Maxine Rosenthal and Nancy Miller.

Refine your quilting techniques as you learn how to transform preprinted fabric panels into captivating hexagonal quilts.

Under the guidance of Maxine and Nancy, you'll master seamless methods and discover the art of color blending and hexagon arrangement, achieving impressive visual effects.

This is your chance to learn from the pros. Secure your spot today and elevate your quilting skills to create truly remarkable pieces.

Limited spots available! Enroll now for a unique quilting experience that combines expertise with creativity.

About Maxine Rosenthal

Maxine Rosenthal, a seasoned quilter with a passion dating back many years, embarked on her quilting journey in 1988, focusing on the captivating realm of kaleidoscope quilts. Her enduring fascination with the diverse array of patterns that different fabrics yield has fueled her dedication to sewing and quilting.

Transitioning from garment creation to the intricate world of quilts, Maxine's creative evolution has been remarkable. Prior to her quilting pursuits, she carved a path in computer software writing, briefly delved into furniture refinishing - an exploration she views as a stroll through history.

Maxine's quilting prowess gained recognition when she was commissioned to craft a quilt for the film "Grumpier Old Men," leaving her with a cherished memento in the form of a Warner Bros. check. Though her cinematic moment ended up on the cutting-room floor, her passion endured.

Almost coinciding with her quilting initiation, Maxine ventured into crafting kaleidoscope blocks adorned with hexagons and octagons. Residing in Minnesota, Maxine Rosenthal's quilting journey is a testament to a lifelong commitment to creativity and craftsmanship.

About Nancy Miller

Nancy's rich quilting journey spans over three decades, a testament to her enduring dedication to the craft. Her artistic repertoire encompasses a diverse spectrum, embracing the creation of quilts ranging from the classic and traditional, to the mesmerizing kaleidoscopic designs, and even extending to the realm of expressive art quilts that push boundaries—all seamlessly woven together within her quilting tapestry.

Having honed her skills across the quilting spectrum, Nancy's creations stand as a testament to her versatile expertise, with each piece representing a unique chapter in her quilting story. From the timeless charm of traditional designs to the intricate geometry of kaleidoscopic patterns, and even venturing into the realm of innovative art quilts, Nancy's quilting journey is a remarkable fusion of experience, creativity, and continuous exploration.

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Flutterfly Quilt Kit FLUTTERFLY-RQK

One-Block Wonder expert and best-selling author Maxine Rosenthal, along with fellow quilter Nancy Miller, teach quilters the endless ways to turn preprinted fabric panels into fabulous blocks. Learn how to arrange One-Block Wonder hexagons around a panel, how to blend hexagon colors into the panel, and how to sew it all together. Simple piecing with NO Y-SEAMS!

Sold out
Flutterfly Quilt Kit FLUTTERFLY-RQK

Now with easier-to-read lines and finer markings for accurate measuring. If you only want to buy one ruler that can measure and cut almost any size and is still easy to handle this is the one. The extra diagonal lines allow for keeping the 60 degree angle true. The right tools make the process so much easier!


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Supply List

Rulers & Templates

  • Basic Rulers: 6" x 12" and 6" x 24"

Basic Sewing Supplies

  • Small scissors or thread snips
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Rotary blades
  • Seam ripper
  • Quilting Pins
  • Small cutting mat
  • Marking pens and/or pencils

Optional (recommended)

  • Quart & Gallon size Zip-Loc baggies
  • Task Light
  • Small personal craft iron
  • Small ironing surface
  • Small spray bottle

Download the Supply List to review the project specific tools

What's Included:

• 4-nights lodging at our amazing retreat center in Quitman, Texas

• 5 fun-filled days of sewing, laughing, and making memories

• World-class instruction from Maxine Rosenthal & Nancy Miller

• Tips and tricks to make your quilt making easier

• Stitchin' Heaven support staff

• Optional quilt kits with fabrics selected by our Stitchin' Heaven staff are available

• Brunch and Dinner (each night of your stay) are included! And of course chocolate.

• SHAG Bag (Stitchin' Heaven Amazing Gift) valued at over $100

• Prizes, surprises, and sew much fun

• BERNINA Sewing Machines will be provided for this retreat!

• Want to extend your stay? You have the option to add a day to your stay for only $50.00 per day!

*Food not included on extended stay days. Extended stay days limited to one day prior and one day after the event.

All Pricing is based on double occupancy room. Single rooms will not be available if the event is full. Please call to check single room availability.

Retreat Center

Pictures are artists renditions and not actual photographs since the building is currently under constructions.

The Rooms

All this for $699* per person!

*Plus applicable taxes and fees. If you are planning to come alone, no problem! We will assign another single quilter to share your room and you make a new friend!

Register by May 1, 2024

Here's what our customers are saying about our Trips, Retreats, and More...

"Please don't hesitate you will have new friends from across the country for a life time. It is fun and regardless if you are an older beginner or an advance quilter you will learn and pass your experience on to others. You will not be disappointed. PS I am a shy person and relaxed and had a great time."

-Land Ahoy Orlando Traveler

"This is the first trip of this kind that I have taken and am already saving to take another! Our "bus moms" Sandra and Nancy were beyond great! The value of the experience, tours, acoomodations, etc. were well worth the price of the trip!."

-Linda A.

"For transitioning from cruising to land for a quilt retreat, Stitchin Heaven did an amazing job. There were lots of little gifts and surprises along the way. Chocolate was handed out when called for. The excursion to the fabric shop was lovely and the lunch they provided top notch. The trip to the Titanic Museum was one that I will not forget for a very long time."

-Land Ahoy Orlando Traveler


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