We understand that you have questions, so we’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions that may help with some of your quilting travel questions.

If you don't find your answers here, please feel free to contact us at info@stitchinheaventravel.com.


When is my final payment due?

Final payments for our trips are due 90 days prior to departure. We also offer flexible payment plans options!

Do I need a passport?

Yes, you are required to have a passport for any of our cruises.

What about Travel insurance?

Travel insurance is available for your protection from Royal Caribbean in the form of their CruiseCare Program. It is $109 per person and both cabinmates must purchase it. In the event insurance is used please be aware that it covers the cost of the cruise only. Sewing package fees are not refunded. Full details of the plan can be found here.

Can I use the onboard credit or cruise coupon toward a future cruise on a Stitchin' Heaven Travel group trip?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The onboard credit promotion that is offered through Royal Caribbean is an incentive to encourage travelers to book another cruise while onboard. This option only applies to individuals. Since we are a corporate incentive group, it will not be allowed by RCCL. Group travel requires special handling and services that individual travel does not require.

How many people are coming?

Generally, our classes are limited to 25 students per class.  Most trips have three classes, some have two.

Can we do a triple occupancy?

Yes, usually triples need to be in a balcony to get a sofa bed on a cruise. The 3rd person will often get a discount. We can also do this for motor coach trips. Call for pricing.

I don't have a roommate. Can you find me one?

We do match roommates. We can't make any guarantees but lots of people do this!

Do you furnish machines to sew on during class?

Absolutely!  The Bernina 330 model or better will be provided on all our cruises.  Each machine will be equipped with the traditional pressure foot as well as a quarter-inch and an open toe foot.  If you would like to bring your own machine, you may do so.  However, support for your machine may be limited.  Please contact us for the additional paperwork with customs.

What sewing supplies do I need?

We will send you a supply list for the classes. This usually includes basic sewing supplies like small scissors, a rotary cutter, a small mat, pins, a seam ripper, etc.

Can I bring scissors on a plane?

Yes, if the blades are 4 inches or less in length. You will want to pack any other sharp objects in your checked luggage for security reasons. Click herefor more information on TSA regulations.

Can we sew during non-class hours?

YES!! The sewing room will be open 24 hours for your convenience.

If I order a Sail N Sew fabric pack, will it be mailed to me?

NO! It will be waiting for you on the ship like a little Christmas present. Sit down and start sewing! It's SEW easy!

When are the classes?

Our classes are only on days that we are at sea so you don't miss any ports. They generally run from 9am - 3pm with an hour break for lunch.

Do you book flights for me?

No, besides Royal Caribbean shuttle transfers, we are not able to directly handle any reservations or bookings outside of the cruise. This means flights, hotels, taxis, etc. We do, however, provide you with many tools so that you can make your own reservations, depending on your needs.

When should I book my flights?

Plan to be at the pier no later than 3 hours prior to departure. Flights home should be made for after 12:30PM.

Is transportation provided to the ship from the airport?

Royal Caribbean generally runs buses the day of the cruise for a fee.  If you are coming in the day before, you will need to find your own transportation to the hotel and cruise terminal.  Many hotels offer free transportation from the airports.  Stitchin’ Heaven Travel will recommend a hotel in each departure city, but the choice is up to you.

How do I book shore excursions?

Shore excursions are booked directly through Royal Caribbean. We will provide you with a reservation/booking # that can be used to log in and do this.

Are there formal nights onboard?

Yes, there will be two formal nights while we are onboard. These will take place in the Main Dining Room and specialty restaurants. You are welcome to other venues onboard and the buffet if you do not wish to participate - though the 2nd formal night is usually LOBSTER NIGHT! Formal nights are quite interpretive - while some will don tuxedos and cocktail gowns, many will attend in simple "Sunday Church" attire.

Motorcoach Tours:

When is my final payment due?

Final payments for our trips are due 90 days prior to departure. We also offer flexible payment plans options!

Do I need a passport?

You are required to have a passport valid for six months past your tour date for trips outside your country of citizenship.

Is travel insurance available?

Yes, travel insurance is $109 per person. Simply indicate on your registration form that you would like the travel insurance and we will take care of it for you.

Are gratuities included?

Gratuities are included for all bell persons and wait staff who serve you as part of the tour itinerary. Gratuities for step-on guides in individual cities can be offered at time of service. The traditional end-of-trip gratuities to your Bus Mom(s) and motor coach driver are not included. If you feel your Bus Mom or driver helped you enjoy your tour, we suggest you enclose a gratuity in an envelope and present it individually at the end of the tour.

What is NOT included in the price of the tour?

Transportation to the originating city, taxi service to the hotel, end of tour gratuities for the Bus Mom(s) and driver, meals not listed on the itinerary, and any incidental charges are not included in the price of the motor coach tour

What if I want to stay additional nights?

Hotel information is available in the trip description for each of our trips. You will be responsible for making any hotel reservations either before or after the tour

Can I request a reserved seat on the bus?

Unfortunately, seats are taken in a "first come, first served" basis. If you have a need for a particular seat, we request that you board the motor coach in advance in order to secure the seat.

Do I have to unload my personal belongings each night from the motor coach?

Yes, we need to ask you to remove all personal belongings from the bus for security reasons. In addition, we might not be assigned the same motor coach each day.

Where do I meet the Bus Moms?

The origin of the trip will be clearly outlined in the description on the webpage for each tour. There are times when we will ask you to meet us at the airport and there are other times when we will meet with you the first night at the hotel during our Welcome Meeting. You will receive clear and timely communication for each tour.

Do you provide hotel transfers?

We allow you to provide your own transportation to the hotel for those tours that do not begin at the designated airport. So many times, our guests arrive at different times and on different days we find it is best for our guests to arrange their own transportation.

How much luggage is allowed?

Certainly, one suitcase is reasonable. Just please remember that there are times when the luggage must be carried on the motor coach with us and we certainly want to leave space for storage of our purchases when we stop at one of our "buying opportunities". 

What if I want a 3rd person in the room?

Certainly, we can accommodate 3 people to a room with either two people sharing one queen-size bed. A rollaway may be requested but cannot be guaranteed. Some of our hotels have rooms with pull out sofas.

What is your smoking policy?

Our motor coach tours are non-smoking.

Do you offer options for special diets?

We regret that we are not able to offer meal plans for specific diets. 

Do any of your destinations require strenuous physical activity?

A few of our destinations will be better enjoyed if you can walk a decent distance. However, if you are not able to walk, generally there are gift shops or benches where you can rest. We recommend comfortable walking shoes on our tours.

What about wheelchairs and walkers?

Certainly, we welcome physically challenged guests. We will allow space in storage for wheelchairs and walkers. However, our coaches are not handicap equipped so the guest will need to be able to climb the stairs to get on and off of the coach.

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