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Our Quilting Heritage With Paula Barnes

Paula Barnes
Paula Barnes

September 21, 22, 23



Paula Barnes is a noted quilt designer and teacher. For years, she has taught in the Dallas and Houston areas for quilt shops, and many guilds throughout the state of Texas and the United States. She has also joined us on several of our Civil War cruises. Paula has the unique talent and ability to design beautiful reproduction quilts utilizing the up-to-date techniques of today, including rotary cutting and other tools.

Paula is a delight and we are excited to have Paula in our store for three days of quilt classes! It's guaranteed to be a fun time with lots of laughs.  She is a wonderful teacher and brings a wealth of knowledge that is only made more valuable by her love of history and her traditional designs.


Registration Fee is $50 per Class

Classes are 9AM to 4PM
Deadline to register is August 1st.

Heritage Stars quilt

• Thursday • 
Heritage Stars

Full- 42” x 42” 
Pre-order your kit for just $109.99

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Lizzie's Scrap Bag quilt

• Friday •
Lizzie’s Scrap Bag

Throw- 46" x 50"
Pre-order your kit for just $119.99

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Old City Gates quilt

• Saturday •
Old City Gates

Full- 81” x 81”
Pre-order your kit for just $174.99

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