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Bella Solids - Frost

SKU: MDA9900-262

Introducing "Frost," a captivating fabric from Moda's renowned Bella Solids collection. Delighting in a serene shade of light frosty blue, Frost is a true marvel that effortlessly harmonizes with any quilt project. Crafted with precision and care, this fabric exudes a gentle elegance that enchants both beginner and seasoned quilters alike.

Like a breath of fresh air on a crisp winter morning, Frost's calming hue captivates the senses, offering a touch of tranquility to your creative endeavors. Its ethereal blue shade evokes images of delicate frost crystals shimmering in the early dawn, casting a mesmerizing spell of serenity.

Moda's commitment to quality shines through in every fiber of Frost. Meticulously woven from the finest materials, this fabric offers a sumptuously smooth texture and a sturdy construction that ensures durability and longevity.

100% Cotton, 44" Wide.


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