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Cranberries and Cream - Sprinkles Blender Dot Star Snowflake - Cocoa

SKU: 44268-15

Sprinkles Blender Dot Star Snowflake Cocoa. This fabric features dainty cream snowflakes over a brown background.

Collection: Cranberries and Cream

Fabric Title: Sprinkles Blender Dot Star Snowflake Cocoa

Designer: 3 Sisters

Company: Moda

100% Cotton. 44/45” Wide.

The 3 Sisters have always been a study in contrasts. Their look is both classic and free-spirited, traditional and contemporary. A red and cream color palette captures that spirit, especially for the holidays. The vibrancy of cranberries is highlighted, and softened, by the warmth of clotted cream, and both are energized by a bit of smoky taupe. The result is something familiar, yet distinctively original. Rather like the 3 Sisters.


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