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Linework - Sketchyer Paper - 108" Wide Backing


Linework Sketchyer Paper 108” Wide Backing. This fabric features zebras, lemurs, panda bears, skunks, birds, and trees over sketch work with small doodles all around.

Collection: Linework

Fabric Title: Sketchyer Paper 108” Wide Backing

Designer: Tula Pink

Company: FreeSpirit

100% Cotton. 108” Wide

the "Linework" collection was inspired by Tula's love for all things art. Tula Pink says, "I have always loved the way a sketch looks before it becomes a more elaborate fabric de- sign. I love to be able to see the thought process, the notes, eraser marks and original ideas that eventually become the artwork we love. The Linework fabric collection is my thought process on cloth. My notes and thoughts are printed directly on the cloth. It’s like a peek behind the veil, like a tour of my mind. Color can be so distracting when looking at the work itself. This was my best attempt to narrow myself down to two crucial elements: Black and White”.


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