Paradise in Blooms Queen Expansion Pattern

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Paradise in Blooms is Judy Niemeyer’s third Technique of the Month (TOM) quilt. Judy’s technique of the month patterns incorporate a wide range of Judy’s techniques and familiarize quilters with those techniques in a manner that will allow them to pick up any of Judy’s patterns and successfully complete them after they have completed one of the TOM patterns. NEW for the Paradise in Blooms pattern, you will also get a laser cut Stick and Peel kit for all the applique. This product can be used whether you are doing hand or machine applique and eliminates the need to trace out your applique pieces!

The Paradise in Blooms pattern includes complete instructions, pre-printed foundation papers and a Stick and Peel applique kit to make a 76" x 76" quilt and costs $122.99.

You can also purchase the Paradise in Blooms extension pattern/papers to make a queen-sized quilt 97" x 97". The cost of the extension pattern and applique set is only is $52.99 making the cost for the pattern plus extension $175.98.

Paradise in Bloom (Turquoise): Wide backing fabric required - 2 1/3 yards. We recommend Essentials 108" Backing.

Paradise in Bloom (Green): 42" Backing fabric required - 4 2/3 yards. We recommend Batik Solids Vino, Batik Cotton Tourmaline, and Rain.


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