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Team Rob's Colorway 2024 New Years Day Mystery Quilt Kit


Celebrate the spirit of patriotism with our Team Rob Colorway Mystery Quilt Kit! Immerse yourself in the beauty of magnificent patriotic fabrics that exude a sense of pride and unity.

This quilt kit is thoughtfully curated, bringing together an awe-inspiring palette that pays homage to cherished symbols and colors. However, there's a thrilling twist - the pattern is not included in the kit! To uncover the grand design and embark on this exciting quilting journey, you must join our exclusive 2024 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt Along.

Gather with fellow quilting enthusiasts, and together, we'll unravel the mystery and reveal the secret behind this spectacular quilt pattern. Participate in the Mystery Quilt Along and gain access to the step-by-step instructions, ensuring your quilt becomes a true masterpiece.

Honor tradition, connect with like-minded quilters, and make the New Year truly memorable with our Team Rob Colorway Mystery Quilt Kit. Embrace the spirit of togetherness and creative exploration as we stitch our way into the future!


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