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Sewing Room Showcase

Want to share YOUR sewing room?

Just drop us an email to with your Name, Email Address, a nice Description of your Sewing Room and Pictures so we can all enjoy your Sewing Room.


Kandy G. ~ Arlington, Texas

I pulled the 15 yr old carpet up & replaced with pretty wood ~ that prompted a total redo ~ it's much better organized now.  A place for everything & everything STAYS in it's place.  Doesn't matter how tired & sore I might be after a full day of sewing, I still clean it all up cause it's SEW pretty!!

Kandy G's sewing room
Click for a larger view.


Janynie G. ~ Designed to a "T" - Sewing Studio

When I first opened Jaynie Gamble’s email to see her sewing room studio, I must say I was instantly in disbelief and then suddenly jealous. lol  Just kidding…. not really….

Jaynie says she designed her sewing room along with the entire house. Her husband built their home with the occasional help from friends & family which made it all the easier for her to make sure she got it exactly how she wanted it.  She wants for nothing in her new home and sewing studio…As you can totally see!

Jaynie has this to share ” Hubby is retiring in December so we will have plenty of time now to do all those finish jobs…..oh did I tell you he did all that building while working full time, 12 hour rotating shifts, 30 miles away…….he is a keeper!!!

She also hosts a “retreat” for two of her quilting gal pals every year when hubby goes on his motorcycle trip.

Now about her thoughts on the design of her room “I showed two pictures of the cutting center because I designed it with “drop ends” on both ends which change the top from 4 x 4 ft. to 4 x 8 ft.  My design wall is three 4 x 8  foam insulation boards covered with batting & screwed to the wall which gives me 12 ft wide design wall.  I decided to have a sink area for clean up when doing other crafts, which comes in really handy.  We also decided on the ironing surface on top of storage instead of conventional ironing board….I am loving that, just covered the top with one layer of batting, then canvas.”

What an excellent room, I must say! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Jaynie & hope you guys had fun at Festival!!


Tricia E ~ Living Room to Sewing Room

That’s just what Tricia Emery from Texas, did!  Tricia says that her “new” sewing room was previously their living room.
“The only heat source in this original part of our farm house is a wood burning stove” she says.

So, they moved the living room to another part of the house in which lets her have this whole area all to herself!

Tricia’s room says “cozy” to me….Seems like a great place to “get away”. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Tricia!


Gail B. ~ From Bedroom to Craft Room


I think this is most commonly the case with most of us crafters. Our extra bedrooms turn into sewing or craft rooms. Yay for us!  The same thing goes fro Gail B. !  Gail has had custom cabinets and shelves installed in her newly remodeled 3rd bedroom, which enables her to enjoy her passion for hours on end, browse through her magazine stash and search the internet.


You can see some of Gail’s projects on her website. You’ll also, see at the bottom of her site, links to her favorite quilt shops…Hmmm…We’re not on there….Wonder how we can get on that list (wink)….


Gail’s room seems like the perfect at home retreat! Thanks so much for sharing, Gail! 


Deb's New Sewing Room!

Though she will miss the old one, Deb has moved on, and now has another sewing room. This is Deb’s new sewing room – she’s no longer in the barn..Although, that wasn’t so bad.


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