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Your Stitchin' Heaven Team
The Stitchin' Heaven Team

Our Team is here to make your quilting more enjoyable! We believe ourselves to
be the best at what we do and we hope you will agree.

The Boss

Deb Luttrell

Deb Luttrell is the brains behind this grand operation.  She began Stitchin' Heaven with the idea that you could turn something you love into a business.  She has done that, and so much more!  We all get to enjoy working in a place where our passion and our day job meet.  It's awesome!




Sassy Sales Force

Lucy Sessions

If you're bored, just hang around Lucy for a good 10 minutes. You're guaranteed to laugh, and learn, a lot. Lucy helps run the store, in addition to being one of our Longarm Quilting Services Specialists. She's also a regular for our trips, cruises, classes, and events. She's one part of our quilting conceirge, and is always available to help you with your project no matter what stage it's at!

Kathy Smith

Kathy approaches everything with a pinch of salt and a small smile. She's the dependable Gal Next Door - always willing to share a laugh and a few kind words with friends, but is also very focused on the job at hand. She takes pride in a job well done, and loves to help our customers get everything perfectly prepared for their projects.





Vicki Damon

Vicki is our Travel and Event Coordinator here at Stitchin’ Heaven Travel. She enjoys living “the country life” with her husband, Danny, in East Texas. She works behind the scenes to ensure that everything is in order for the quilt classes. She works hard to create wonderful vacations for our customers. She works closely with our teachers to make sure everything for their projects are in order. She also over sees the Sail N Sew fabric packs for our cruises and packing supplies. 


Erin Troyer

Erin is the Travel Coordinator here at Stitchin' Heaven Travel. She is married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother of 3 wonderful children. She is here to help you with your reservations, answer your travel questions, and anything else you might need help with while getting ready for your trip of a lifetime! She works hard to ensure that her customers have a flawless trip. She hopes that each of her customers come home from their vacation with amazing memories that they can cherish forever. 


Susan Trudo

Susan cuts and packages our fabric kits for Stitchin' Heaven Travel. That's pretty amazing, considering how many trips and projects we have every year! So remember her when you're on your cruise, looking out over the ocean.. if it wasn't for Susan, you'd be stuck cutting all that fabric!



Secret Agents

Melissa Taylor

Melissa is one half of our Longarm Quilting Services, and her primary job consists of jamming out to good music while finishing off our customers' UFOs. It's not all fun and games however, but she has a quick eye and sharp wit for fixing problems before they rear their ugly heads!


Amanda Carter

Amanda is our Kit Specialist, and she tirelessly works on making sure that our kits are cut correctly and quickly! It's a tough job, but she's a fighter and does the job well!


Mandy Gardner

Mandy is our BOM Billing Specialist - she's the gal to talk to if you need to update your information for your BOMs! In addition to this, she also helps run reports, keep track of our store goals, and a myriad of other things that help make Stitchin' Heaven THE Premier Quilt Shop of Texas!

Kelly Franks

Bright and bubbly, Kelly answers the phones and does a lot of customer service. She's great at finding answers to our customers' questions, and has a great "Can Do!" atttitude that helps us all do what we do!


Lydia Morrison

Lydia is the one you want to place a bet on - in charge of our accounting, she makes the number magic happen so we can continue to provide quality products and staff!


Kc Franks

KC is our gopher, and we love her! No matter what the job is, we can rely on KC to "gopher this, gopher that" and the job will be done!



Linda Taylor

Linda is our Shipping Specialist - if you love the way your order is packaged, you can thank her! She makes sure to include an extra dose of Love and Care into each of your orders, and is the person to talk to if you have any questions about your order.


Kasey Knotts

Kasey is our Inventory Specialist here at Stitchin’ Heaven. She lives with her husband, Lance, and family in rural East Texas. She works with various vendors all across the USA and Canada to ensure all items needed for the store, BOM’s, and cruises are ordered and received.


Kitsey Edwards

Kitsey is AMAZING. She's integrated into so many aspects of Stitchin' Heaven, from teaching classes to web development, that it's crazy. Her patience isn't infinite, but it does run deep and she is a bastion of calm no matter what the situation is.

Melissa Roman

Melissa is a juggler - she has the remarkable ability to take the randomest tasks, and create a process and procedure that makes sense to everyone! Always willing to lend a hand and a smile, she's one of the quieter elements in the back, but her work makes a huge impact on the whole company!




Kay Chance

Kay is responsible for so many programs, including:

  • Stars Over Bali
  • Sylvia's Bridal Sampler
  • Joy
  • Charlie Kissed Me
  • Amish with a Twist II
  • Sealife
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Lighthouse
  • Morning Glory
  • Holiday Snow Village
  • Texas Treasures
  • Paradise in Blooms
  • Happy Trails
  • Mariner's Compass

Kathy Siddall

Kathy's in charge of many of our BOMs, including:

  • Garden Patch Cats
  • Fiesta Mexico
  • All Roads Lead To The Sea
  • Baltimore Autumn
  • Happiness Is In The Journey
  • Friends of Baltimore
  • Fiesta de Talvera - Black
  • Ladies of the Sea
  • Roses for Freedom
  • Affairs of the Heart
  • Ms McDonald's Farm

Diana Laib

Diana cuts a lot of our Block of the Month programs, including:

  • Civil War Sampler
  • Holiday Houses
  • El Camino
  • Table Runner Club
  • Downtown
  • Woodland Creatures
  • Vintage Valentine
  • Red at Night
  • Spooky Hollow
  • Baltimore & Bali

Gloria Roman

Gloria is the boss of these BOMs:

  • Dear Jane 2013
  • Dear Jane 2015
  • Red Dear Jane
  • Bright Dear Jane

Rachelle Giliispie

Rachelle is all about Muchas Poochas! When she's not working on that BOM, she's helping our other BOMers out - which makes our programs be cut and packaged faster, which means they get sent out faster!

Frankie Hager

Frankie helps out whenever an extra hand is needed for folding and packaging the BOMs! She almost always has a story to tell as well, which leads us to many an afternoon laughing and talking about country life and all the fun that comes with it!

Ashli Foster

Ashli is our newest employee, and helps out with the BOMs as well as kit cutting. Dependable and hard working, she gets her work done fast and is on to the next task!

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