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2025 Island Batik Quilting Cruise

Experience the perfect harmony of quilting and cruising at its finest with Stitchin' Heaven on this extraordinary 10-night Caribbean Cruise! Join the creative journey led by quilting mavens Kate Colleran and Tammy Silvers as you refine your skills amidst the breathtaking Caribbean setting.

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February 6-16, 2025
Miami, FL - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Philipsburg, St. Maarten - Roseau, Dominica - Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis
Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas


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Ahoy there, Cruisin' Quilters!

Are you ready to embark on a quilting journey like no other? Join us on the Island Batik Quilting Cruise aboard the magnificent Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas, and let's stitch our way through the stunning Caribbean islands together!

Quilting in Paradise: Imagine yourself surrounded by the vibrant hues of Batik fabrics, creating masterpieces as you sail across the azure Caribbean Sea. Your quilts will be like works of art, inspired by the paradise around you!

Learn from the Best: We're thrilled to announce that our esteemed quilting instructors for this cruise are none other than Kate Colleran and Tammy Silvers. These talented teachers will share their expertise, guiding you through the creation of beautiful quilts. Get ready to elevate your quilting skills to new heights!

Cruise Itinerary:

  • Departure: Miami, FL
  • Ports of Call: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Philipsburg, St. Maarten - Roseau, Dominica - Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis
  • Luxury Awaits: Sail in style aboard the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas, where you'll be treated like royalty.

Shore Excursions: Explore the charm of each Caribbean island, experience the local culture, and gather inspiration for your quilting projects. Whether it's the sun-soaked beaches or the vibrant marketplaces, you're sure to find new colors and patterns that will enhance your quilting repertoire. This itinerary also includes our most favorite stop in St. Kitts where we will be visiting Caribelle Batiks - a local batik factory on the island. We will be able to offer a special tour of the facility where each person will make their own piece of batik fabric. You will learn the process and the history of batik production on St Kitts. More information about booking your spot for this excursion will be sent via email closer to the cruise date.

Book Your Spot: Don't miss out on this unique quilting adventure! Secure your spot today and be part of the Batik Quilting Cruise.

Cheers to the island vibes coming your way!

Deb Luttrell, Owner - Stitchin' Heaven 

If you have never been on a quilting cruise you have missed a real treat!  Since 2010 Stitchin' Heaven Travel has offered quilt-related cruises and motor coach tours to literally hundreds of satisfied guests. See reviews from our happy travelers here.

How can all this get any better? Here's how!

      • Pre-cruise communication from Stitchin‘ Heaven Travel
      • SHAG Bag (Stitchin' Heaven Amazing Gifts) valued at over $100 including an exclusive cruise shirt
      • Your own dedicated sewing space for the duration of the cruise
      • Optional pre-cut Sail ‘n Sew fabric kits
      • Every quilting guest can take all the classes offered
      • The classroom is open 24/7 for plenty of free time sewing!
      • Premier thread provided for onboard projects
      • Demonstrations of the latest quilting and sewing products
      • Classroom support from Stitchin' Heaven Staff
      • Full-size irons and ironing stations will be available in each classroom
      • Post cruise guest contact list and group photo will be provided
      • A BONUS Grab' n Go project for our Fun Day at Sea
      • Door Prizes, surprises, and a boatload of fun! 

Plus... You'll be sewing on a BERNINA 475QE sewing machine!

That's right!  Each quilter will be provided a state-of-the-art BERNINA machine equipped with the extended table and a quarter inch foot.  There's no need to bring your sewing machine all the way from home. Visit the BERNINA website to see the amazing features of this great machine!

Consider bringing a friend, your spouse or your family – non-quilters are always welcome to join us and will have many activities to pursue while you are in class.

We look forward to our next adventure together with you!


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Kate Colleran

Kate Colleran

Kate Colleran is a renowned fabric and quilt pattern designer, author, Island Batik ambassador, and quilt teacher with over 20 years of experience in the quilting industry. Her quilt patterns have been featured in numerous quilt magazines, and she has online classes available on popular platforms like Craftsy and Quilting Daily. Kate has taught at local quilt shops, for guilds, and at national quilt shows, inspiring quilters across the country.

Kate's quilt patterns are known for their complete, easy-to-follow instructions with an eclectic design style that blends traditional elements with a modern twist. Her designs are both visually stunning and accessible to quilters of all skill levels. She is particularly well-known for her popular Braid and Mini Braid Templates, which offer a fun and easy way to create beautiful quilts.

In addition to her work as a designer and teacher, Kate is also a co-author of the book "Smash Your Precut Stash", which provides inspiration and guidance for using precut fabric collections in quilting projects.

Kate's creative talent has also led to exciting collaborations with Island Batik, and she released her first fabric lines with them in 2022. Her fabrics are characterized by vibrant colors, bold patterns, and playful designs that perfectly complement her quilt patterns.

Kate's ultimate goal is to help quilters make a quilt by finding the methods and techniques that work best for them. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, Kate's passion for quilting and her expertise are sure to inspire and delight.

Tammy Silvers

Tammy Silvers

Tammy Silvers is an accomplished quilter, designer, and teacher with over 30 years of experience in the quilting industry. She fell in love with quilting in 1991 and has been quilting ever since. Tammy has taught at various quilt shops and online, with her popular Quick Quilted Gifts class available on Bluprint.

As a Georgia native, Tammy currently resides in Acworth with her husband, children, one grumpy dog, and her favorite fat cat. With a background in art and literature, Tammy has a keen eye for design and loves to incorporate "words" into her work, whether in the fabric itself or by adding them to the piece.

Tammy designs and self-publishes her own quilt patterns under the label Tamarinis, which are regularly featured in a variety of quilt magazines. She also works with major fabric manufacturers such as Northcott, Free Spirit, Maywood, Dear Stella, and Timeless Treasures, designing projects to showcase and promote their fabric lines.

Tammy's love for batiks led her to become an Island Batik ambassador and design fabrics for Island Batik, a perfect fit for her creative style. She even has her own thread line with Aurifil that coordinates beautifully with her current Island Batik line.

While Tammy enjoys designing, teaching and sharing her passion for quilting is where her true joy lies. She loves visiting different guilds, meeting quilters, and seeing all the creativity that makes the quilting world such a fun and exciting place!


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Indulge your passion for butterflies with Paloma, an exquisite quilt kit that presents a contemporary and vibrant interpretation of these enchanting creatures. Paloma features bold, modern piecing that artfully captures the essence of a butterfly in each meticulously crafted block.

This captivating quilt kit employs a palette of six different fabrics, enhancing the quilt's appeal with a delightful variety of colors and patterns. The careful selection of fabrics not only adds to the aesthetic charm but also makes the quilting process an enjoyable and seamless experience.

Finished Quilt Size: 72" x 72"

4.5  yards of coordinated backing fabric will be needed. 

NOTE: If you choose to provide your own fabric you will need the Paloma pattern.



Unleash your creativity with Fizz, a captivating quilt kit designed to bring a burst of energy to your quilting projects. Using the Tucker Trimmer, you can effortlessly craft pointed blades that add a dynamic and uplifting quality to your quilt. The unique design allows these pointed elements to bubble up and away, creating a visually striking pattern that exudes modern charm.

As an extra treat, Fizz offers a bonus project that ingeniously utilizes leftover pieces from the quick piecing process to fashion a contemporary throw. While the Tucker Trimmer is optional, it is highly recommended for this project.

Finished Quilt Size: 51" x 68"

3.5  yards of coordinated backing fabric will be needed. 

NOTE: If you choose to provide your own fabric you will need the Fizz pattern.

Optional Sail 'n Sew Fabric Pack

Our incredible Sail 'n Sew fabric pack includes all of the fabrics and patterns for your projects and they are pre-cut so all you need to do is sit down and sew! The price of the Sail ‘n Sew fabric pack is $484.90 and it includes precut fabric for the quilt top for both projects including the borders, binding and pattern.  

If you are interested in only one of the kits, you can specify which one on the registration form when you sign up for the cruise. If you would like a Sail ‘n Sew pack, simply select both kits when you fill out the registration form and we'll have it waiting for you on the ship. 

 If you do not wish to purchase a Sail 'n Sew Fabric Pack, remember to pack your own fabrics. We will not have fabrics available for purchase aboard the ship.  You will need to bring your fabric pre-cut and ready for class. You must also bring your pattern or book. You can purchase or download the patterns here: Paloma and Fizz

Note: View the preliminary 2025 Batik Quilting Cruise Supply List.  A finalized supply list will also be sent to you 90 days prior to departure. We will not have a store onboard. Please bring all supplies you will need according to the supply list. We suggest you bring an extra project if you feel like you will finish the class projects and need extra sewing.

Click here to see our general quilting supplies recommendations.


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Day 1

Miami, FL

As far as vacation destinations go, Miami tops most sun-seekers’ lists. With its gorgeous beaches, vibrant neighborhoods and melting pot of cultures, the Magic City is the perfect place to spend a few days before your Caribbean island hop. Ahead of your cruise from Miami, jump-start your morning in true Miami style with a Cuban cafecito from a ventanita — a streetside shop window. Then climb the historic lighthouse at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on quiet Key Biscayne before lounging on the island’s secluded sandy shores. If you’re looking for a bit more action, head to South Beach — home to world-class restaurants, nightlife, shopping and lively beaches, all set against snap-worthy Art Deco buildings. Art lovers who visit Miami can head to Wynwood and explore the neighborhood’s colorful street murals and local galleries. Or take a trip back in time at the Renaissance-style Vizcaya estate, which offers a glimpse into Miami’s dazzling past.

Day 1 Image

Day 2


Quilting Classes in the Conference Center!

Day 3

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata is the Dominican Republic's oldest city in the north and a tourism pioneer. Nestled by the ocean with a mountainous backdrop, the city offers a lively pier, which is known as the Malecon, colorful shops, and opulent homes from the 1800s. The city is famous for Parque Independencia (also known as Parque Central), a park fringed by royal palms and Victorian architecture. In Puerto Plata, you can hop on a cable car for sky-high views, take a tour of the local cacao farms, and buy some of the clearest amber in the world.

Day 3 Image

Day 4

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cruises from San Juan are always special because they begin in a city that doubles as a top vacation destination. The vibrant capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan offers something for every traveler — world-famous beaches with crystal clear waters, incredible cuisine, rugged natural beauty and a rich history that goes back 500 years. With its ancient fortresses and colorful colonial-era buildings, San Juan makes it easy to feel as though you’ve slipped into the past. Life moves at a slower pace along the sunny cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, and salsa beats seem to waft perpetually from open windows. If you’re craving a hike, head to El Yunque National Forest. And if you’re more in the mood to unwind, set your sights on the beautiful shores of Isla Verde or El Condado. Mealtime is also an adventure, with so many delicious options to try — from mofongo and pastelon to chillo frito and alcapurrias. Pair every bite with a piña colada — Puerto Rico’s national drink.

Day 4 Image

Day 5

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

What makes St. Maarten so unique is its blend of cultures. The island is home to 120 different nationalities speaking over 80 languages, and is governed by two countries: the Netherlands and France. In fact, it’s the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two different nations. While it may be less than 40 square miles, there’s plenty to do on this little island: you can travel back in time while exploring centuries-old ruins and get your adrenaline fix ziplining through lush tropical forests. If you’re after a little rest and relaxation during your cruise to St. Maarten, you’ll find plenty of secluded beaches where you can work on your suntan before treating your taste buds to some of the best cuisine in the Caribbean.

Day 5 Image

Day 6

Roseau, Dominica

Dominica isn’t nicknamed ‘Nature Island’ for nothing. Its 290 square miles of towering mountains, thriving rainforests, and rushing waterfalls deserve all that cred and then some. But the true pulse of the island beats in Roseau. It may be one of the smallest capitals in the Caribbean, but don’t let its size fool you— Roseau is electric with cultural energy. The spicy aroma of Creole home cooking wafts through food stalls at the Roseau Market. Reggae and soca beats spill from the windows of centuries-old stone-and-wood buildings and parties erupt around jing ping bands at hotspots like Bala’s Bar at the Fort Young Hotel. During your cruise to Dominica, you’ll quickly notice that Roseau doesn’t march to the beat of its own drum — it dances.

Day 6 Image

Day 7

St. John, Antigua

Antigua has a beach for every day of the year— literally. But the island experience goes beyond 365 distinct ribbons of white sand and clear waters. In the capital city of St. John's, you’ll discover charming candy-colored architecture, lively markets, and a beautiful baroque cathedral. And smiling locals greet you everywhere you go. On the southern coast, you can explore Nelson’s Dockyard, a centuries-old British naval base built by Admiral Horatio Nelson. Past Antigua’s yacht-studded coastline, you’ll find upscale boutiques, wild forest trails, hidden coves, and coral reefs bustling with tropical fish. But the best way to really see the island is from up above, so cruise to Antigua and hop into a helicopter for a panoramic look at lush jungles, golden beaches, and the nearby volcanic island, Montserrat.

Day 7 Image

Day 8

Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis

Greens in every shade spring from the rolling hills of St. Kitts— an island ripe with eco-tourism adventures. In the port city of Basseterre, you’ll find centuries of history to explore in impressive estates and photo-worthy monuments like the Brimstone Hill Fortress, one of the best preserved military structures in the Americas. Cruise to St. Kitts & Nevis and venture beyond the port and gear up for a unique climb up the 3,792-foot Mount Liamuiga volcano for views well worth the hike. Or hop in a kayak to get up close with a rainbow of tropical reef fish. Looking for something a little more laidback? Escape to the tiny unhurried sister island, Nevis, for smooth golden beaches and clear-water snorkeling— it’s just a thirty minute ferry ride away.

Batik Making Experience

Take in the rugged countryside beauty of St. Kitts on a leisure and scenic driving tour to the Romney Manor/Caribelle Batik and its pristine gardens. Exclusively, planned for you, be prepared for the “back of the house” tour. You are invited to have a hands-on experience of making your own sample batik fabric and… guess what? Yes… It is yours to keep! 

More information about reserving your spot on this excursion will be sent via email closer to the cruise date. 

Please note, the Caribelle Batik making experience is not handicapped accessible.

Day 8 Image

Day 9


Quilting Classes in the Conference Center!

Day 10


Quilting Classes in the Conference Center!

Day 11

Return to Miami, FL

The Ship

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The Ship

Explorer of the Seas

Put thrilling adventure on your radar onboard the wow-worthy Explorer of the Seas®. Discover endless ways to max out memories with fleet favorites like the FlowRider® surf simulator, Rock Climbing Wall and The Perfect Storm℠ — the boldest waterslide duo at sea. And sit down to jaw-dropping ice-skating spectaculars and dazzling world-class entertainment night after night. Sail on your most legendary journey with the cruise line voted Best Overall by Travel Weekly readers.

Conference Room Setup:

On this ship we will be sewing two to a table like the image below.

Note: View the preliminary 2025 Batik Quilting Cruise Supply List.  A finalized supply list will also be sent to you 90 days prior to departure. We will not have a store onboard. Please bring all supplies you will need according to the supply list. We suggest you bring an extra project if you feel like you will finish the class projects and need extra sewing.

Click here to see our general quilting supplies.


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Stateroom's are as follows:

Room TypePrice
Interior Stateroom$1,899.00*
Oceanview Stateroom$2,099.00*
Oceanview w/Balcony Stateroom$2,499.00*

*Non-sewing guests will receive a $250 discount.  

*Port charges, gratuities, taxes & fees of $480.48  are not included.

Prices are per person, based on double occupancy.

There is a $350 per person deposit due at registration which will secure your price and availability.

This fee includes your cruise fare PLUS all fees to the teachers, a BERNINA sewing machine for the entire cruise, all associated class activities, and classroom support.  You may purchase our precut Sail n Sew kit (supplies are limited) or you are welcome to bring your own precut fabric.

Group travel allows us to provide special touches that are not available on an individual reservation. And unfortunately, discounts from Royal Caribbean are not allowed through our group program. In order to take full benefit from everything Stitchin' Heaven offers on our cruises, you must register through Stitchin 'Heaven Travel. If you have questions or need assistance in changing your individual reservation to a group reservation through Stitchin' Heaven Travel, please let us know.

Travel Information

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Travel Information


With so much to do onboard, chances are really good that you will just use your cabin for changing and sleeping, but it's nice to know that if you want to spend more time there, you will indeed be comfortable. All standard staterooms are attractively decorated in soft tones with fine light woods and two pieces of artwork on the walls. Each stateroom has two beds that convert to queen-size, a private bath, phone, interactive flat-screen TV, mini-bar, hair dryers and air conditioning/heat controls. Bathrooms are on the small side, but functional, and showers have those wonderful, half-round sliding doors as opposed to clingy curtains. Soap and shampoo are also provided.

Travel to and from Destination

You will be responsible for getting to and from the ship.


You can see what the cruise line suggests for dress code while on the ship here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com


Gratuities are a part of your cruise expense and will be collected by Stitchin' Heaven. This fee covers everyone who serves you while you are onboard including all onboard staff, dining staff, and your cabin steward. Stitchin' Heaven Travel will then pay these gratuities for our entire group prior to sailing.  Therefore, you will be charged $160.00 for gratuities at the time of final payment. Please be aware that an additional gratuity is automatically added to bar tabs. We encourage you to add additional tip for superior service.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not included, but is available for your protection from Royal Caribbean in the form of their Travel Protection Program. The cost varies by room type and cruise and both cabin-mates must purchase it separately. In the event insurance is used please be aware that it covers the cost of the cruise only. Sewing package fees are not refunded.

**Insurance fee are due in full when you choose to add it to your reservation

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

The cruise ship companies have worked diligently with the CDC and government officials in order to continue cruising from the US. Our commitment is to provide an enjoyable event with the utmost safety to our guests. Ship protocols will need to be observed at all times and are subject to change at Royal Caribbean’s discretion. These protocols are changing quickly so please check the Royal Caribbean website for the most current information. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate through these uncertain waters.


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