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Crosstown Pavement Quilt Kit

Moving soldiers and military equipment between battles was often a problem during the Civil War. Most roads were made of dirt that would become muddy and often impassable after heavy rains. Only a few "macadamized" or hard surface all wather roads exsisted. Named for their inventor, John McAdam, the pavement of macadam roads is made with crushed stone that is bound with gravel over a firm base of large stones. the road surface is slightly convex, ensuring rainwater will drain off the road and protect the road's foundation.
Prior to the use of macadam, muddy roads were surfaced with branches and small tree trunks that were laid crosswise to allow wagon trains and military equipment to pass over the mud. This crosswise pattern lead to the rods being called "corduroy roads".
Macadam roads were slowly introduced in the United States. One of the earliste was used to bring together the parties involved in the treaty that ended the Civil War. The reliability of the macadam road mde it very important to the automobile industry that began in the early 20th Century. Crosstown Pavement designed by Paula Barnes is inspired by the macadam roads used during the civil war. Finished Quilt Size: 78" x 78"

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