Custom Quilting on a Modern Log Cabin Quilt

Mar 18, 2023

Hello BERNINA friends! I’m Satomi from Satomi Quilts and I’m happy to come back here to share another fun and easy custom quilting project.

Custom quilting can be intimidating for many beginner quilters but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. Recently, I made this modern log cabin quilt top and machine quilted on the BERNINA Q 16.

Custom quilting

This quilt measures 34″ x 34″ finished so it didn’t take much time to quilt and I didn’t feel like I was overwhelmed. I did a variety of quilting designs including both free-motion quilting and easy ruler work. The different quilting designs created a texture that really catches your eye.

Mettler thread

I decided to use multiple colors of threads for the top this time. Usually, I use one color because changing threads section by section can be a ton of work. But I really love this quilt and the colors I was using, so I really wanted the threads to blend in. I picked these beautiful colors of Mettler SILK-FINISH COTTON 50. The thread colors used are #0018 Luster, #0359 Shaded Spruce, #1334 Clay for the top and #3000 Candlewick for the bobbin. These blended into the fabric perfectly.


The BERININA Q 16 makes everything so easy. I had to change the threads many times but the threading is so quick and easy on this machine that I didn’t mind doing it at all.

If you are wondering, you can use the small spools of thread on BERNINA Q 16.

Here is the quilting. It might be hard to see, but I stared with wishbone quilting. The strip width was a little wide for me to quilt, so I added straight quilting to make it narrow. I did ruler work to quilt a straight line.

Ruler work

Also, I did easy ruler work on the plaid fabric and used the line as a guide. This could be a little tricky because I had to cut the fabric carefully so that it lined up with the seam.

For the green fabric part, I did two kinds of quilting. My go-to quilting, ribbon quilting on the block and feather variation on the inner borders.

For the brown square, I did an orange peel quilting variation.

Ruler work

By the way, the ruler could slide while quilting, so I applied the Non-slip adhesive rings to the back of the ruler. It prevents sliding and I could keep the ruler in the correct position.

Here is a quick video of how I did the ruler work. It’s easy to do and this simple movement could be good practice if you would like to try doing ruler work.

If you would like to make this modern log cabin quilt and try custom quilting, here is the pattern for you!

Download Free Pattern

Custom Quilting on a Modern Log Cabin Quilt


I hope you enjoy making this pattern and custom quilting. My girl, Pepper seems to love this quilt!

Happy quilting!