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Sewing Machine Service and Repair

Our BERNINA Certified Technician is in the office Monday through Friday 9-5PM to offer sewing machine repair services. For a full list of services or if you have any questions, please call (903) 760-7397 and ask for Curtis.


 Bench Fee                                    $50

Bench fee includes full assessment of machine condition and is applied toward total service fee.


                BERNINA Series 7 or 8           $109.99

                All Other Machines                $89.99



                Production Models                 $35

                Non-Production Models        $20

HOURLY RATE                            $65


Additional fees for parts may apply. Please call for an estimate.


What comes with a COA?

  • Test sew machine and identify any issues
  • Clean and inspect operation and condition of; 
    1. sewing light and controls, illumination of screen, thread cutters, presser foot, foot control, power cord and cables, needle plate, freehand system, feed dog, presser foot and clamp, needle threader, bobbin winder, shuttle race cover, hook and hook driver, hand wheel, spool pins, thread guides, top tension, check spring, take up lever and linkages.
  • Update firmware and BSR (if applicable)
  • Replacement of missing/broken screws
  • Service belt tension and timing belt tension pulley
  • Cleaning of; thread cutter and needle hole
  • Blowout and lubrication of entire machine and motor bushings
  • Calibration and adjustment of; 
    1. Top needle and bobbin case tension, hook/needle clearance and spring height, needle height, back run (hook/needle position), loop lift (hook/needle timing, feed timing (lower shaft timing/feed dog synchronization), needle distribution in needle plate, LCD screen, motor speed and buttonhole
  • Check balance electronic (rough), mechanical (fine)
  • Record hours and stitches

Final Sewing Sample

Sitch out final sample includes straight stitch, open zigzag, satin zigzag, 1-2 decorative stitches, honeycomb, nines, and buttonhole

Embroidery Module (if applicable, serviced for additional charge)

  • Calibration of large hoop and belt tensions
  • Reset belt tensions
  • Clean and Lubricate Module
  • Sew out test pattern/designs

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