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Sewing Machine Service and Repair

Our BERNINA Certified Technician is in the office Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM to offer sewing machine repair services on any brand of sewing machine.

Call (903) 760-7397 to make your appointment today!


 Bench Fee                                    $50

Bench fee includes a full assessment of machine condition and is applied toward total service fee.


                BERNINA Series 7 or 8           $109.99

                All Other Machines                $89.99



                Electronic Models                 $35

                Mechanical Models        $20

HOURLY RATE                            $60


Additional fees for parts may apply. Please call for an estimate.


What comes with a COA?

    • Test sew machine and identify any issues
    • Clean and lubricate entire machine
    • Inspect operation and condition of machine including but not limited to:
      •  Sewing light and controls
      • Illumination of screen
      • Thread Cutters
      • Presser Foot & Clamp
      • Foot Control
      • Power Cord and Cables
      • Needle Plate
      • Freehand System
      • Feed Dog
      • Needle Threader
      • Shuttle Race Cover
      • Bobbin Winder
      • Hook and Hook Driver
      • Hand Wheel
      • Spool Pins
      • Thread Guides
      • Tope Tension
      • Check Spring
      • Take-up Lever and Linkages
    • Calibration and/or adjustment of:
      • Top Thread
      • Bobbin Case Tension
      • Hook/needle Clearance and Spring Height
      • Needle Height
      • Back Run (hook/needle position)
      • Loop Lift (hook/needle timing)
      • Feed Timing (lower shaft timing/feed dog synchronization)
      • Needle Distribution in Needle Plate
      • LCD Speed
      • Motor Speed
      • Buttonhole
      • Electronic Balance
      • Mechanical Balance
      • Belt(s)
    • Update Firmware and BSR (if applicable)
    • Record hours of stitches

Final Sewing Sample

Sew out final sample includes straight stitch, open zigzag, satin zigzag, 1-2 decorative stitches, and honeycomb as available.

Embroidery Module (if applicable, serviced for additional charge)

      • Calibration of hoop
      • Reset belt tensions
      • Clean and Lubricate Module
      • Sew out test pattern/designs

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