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Introducing Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Kits - Your Shortcut to Quilting Success!

Are you a quilting enthusiast looking to embark on your next creative journey? Want to skip the hassle of hunting down the perfect fabrics? Look no further! Stitchin’ Heaven is here to revolutionize your quilting experience with our incredible quilt kits.

Unleash Your Creativity, Minus the Fabric Selection Woes! 

Tired of spending endless hours scouring fabric stores? Our quilt kits save you precious time and eliminate the guesswork of choosing the right fabrics for your project. Discover a treasure trove of quilt kits, each designed to cater to your unique style and preferences:

  • Pieced Kits: Perfect for classic quilt lovers, these kits are a patchwork paradise waiting to be stitched together.
  • Paper Pieced Kits: Dive into the intricate world of paper piecing and create quilts that are true works of art.
  • Precut! Quilt Kits: These kits are carefully selected to appeal to those who don’t enjoy the task of cutting the fabric required for a quilting project. These kits are cut to the actual triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. so all you need to do is sit down and sew! How wonderful!
  • Appliqué Kits: Add a touch of elegance to your quilts with our stunning appliqué kits, making your creations truly stand out.
  • Scrap Crazy Kits: For those who need a quick and easy project for that favorite child, grandchild, or other loved one.
  • Exclusive Stitchin’ Heaven Designs: Dive into the exclusive world of Stitchin' Heaven with kits personally curated by the talented staff at Stitchin’ Heaven!

 When you choose a Stitchin’ Heaven quilt kit, you can trust that our expert team has meticulously handpicked the fabrics to complement the pattern. Say goodbye to wasted fabric and hello to precise, professional results.

Our quilt kits and sewing project kits include everything you need to complete your masterpiece. No more running around searching for the right materials – we've got you covered!

Quilt Patterns Available Separately!

Quilt Kits

Indah Blossoms Applique Quilt Kit
Bear Mountain Cabin Kit
Luminous Nine Patch Quilt Kit
Sold Out
Precut! Gumballs Grape Punch Quilt Kit
Moondance Quilt Kit
Texas Starlight White Quilt Kit
Texas Starlight Black Quilt Kit
Ombre Fairy Dust Wall Quilt Kit
Sold Out
Synergy Remix Quilt Kit
Wedding Ring - Laser Cut Traditions Quilt Kit
Tilda Flower Vase Embroidery Quilt Kit
Clay's Braid Quilt Kit
Sold Out
White Chocolate Quilt Kit
Nola Unicorn Quilt Kit
Rob Appell Designs - Super 60 Sampler Quilt Kit
Precut! Gumballs Key Lime Quilt Kit
Precut!! Gumballs Blueberry Quilt Kit
Blue Willow Quilt Kit
Grand Central Original Quilt Kit
Precut! Schoolhouse Dash Blue and Yellow
Summer Camp Quilt Kit
Chroma Wave Quilt Kit
Sold Out
Precut! Gumballs Orange Crush Quilt Kit
Alchemist Crystal Quilt Kit
Ice Castles Quilt Kit
Sold Out
Texas On A String Quilt Kit
Tilda Henhouse Quilt Kit
Divinity Scrap Crazy Quilt Kit
Timberline Log Cabin Quilt Kit
UnBeliezable Quilt Kit
Precut! New Worlds Bird of Paradise Quilt Kit
Precut! Gumballs Think Pink Quilt Kit
Whale Tale Quilt Kit
Steampunk Fairytale Quilt Kit
Bejeweled Quilt Kit
Symphony of Stars Precut Quilt Kit
Patch Pals - Jingle Patch Quilt Kit
Precut! Gumballs Mocha Quilt Kit
Grand Central Batiks Quilt Kit
Solar Flares Precut! Quilt Kit
Precut! Gumballs Patriotic Quilt Kit
Sand Dollar Queen Size Quilt Kit
Precut!* Summer Solstice Best of Texas
Sold Out
Woodland Blooms Quilt Kit
Best of Texas Scrap Crazy Quilt Kit
Precut! New Worlds Double Tumbler Quilt Kit
Precut! Gumballs Red Hot Quilt Kit
Vintage Precut! Quilt Kit

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