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Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge, Part Three: Curves

Welcome to the Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge! This is part three of the challenge where we stitch curve rulerwork designs.

If you are joining the Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge for the first time, please review the introduction for the supply list, part one, where we learn rulerwork with a straight ruler and part two, where we learn how to ruler quilt circles.

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Join the challenge and download the image above. Share it on social media. Let quilting friends know about the challenge. Use the hashtag #rulerquiltingchallenge

Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge – Curves

The Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge includes three rulerwork designs and stitching techniques using a curve ruler.

A curve ruler with three rulerwork designs

Rulerwork With A Curve Ruler

1 – A convex curve, curved or rounded outward like the exterior of a sphere or circle.

2 – A shallow concave curve, hollowed or rounded inward like the inside of a bowl.

3 – A deep concave curve, hollowed or rounded inward like the inside of a bowl.

Ruler quilting supplies and a BERNINA Q 20

Step One

Make the small quilt sandwiches as indicated in the supply list.

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Step Two

Set up a home machine or a longarm for free-motion ruler quilting. I used a BERNINA Q20 sit-down longarm. Use any BERNINA machine that uses the BERNINA Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 or #72S. Learn how to attach and use the foot in video tutorial 1,  and video tutorial 2

Step Three

Be careful to follow the instructions below to mark quilt sandwiches for each design. Then use the small practice quilt sandwich to stitch the blade, shark teeth, diamond and seed patterns. Watch videos below.

Step Four

After practicing on the small practice sandwich, apply these techniques to a larger quilt sandwich. Watch tutorial videos for each design below.

Rulerwork Blade and Shark Teeth Designs

Mark five reference lines on the small quilt sandwich. The first three lines create two 2” channels on the fabric. Next to them, mark two more lines. Mark the four line 1-1/2” from third line. Mark the last line 1-1/2“ from the previous line. (see image below)

Curve ruler quilting designs and fabric marking for design

Rulerwork Diamond Design

Mark five reference lines on the small quilt sandwich 1-1/4” apart. (see image below)

Overlapping curves for diamond designs and fabric marks for stitching designs

Rulerwork A Seed Design

Mark three reference lines on the small quilt sandwich 2-1/2” apart. (see image below)

Stitched seeds with a curve ruler and fabric marks

Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge Part Four

Next week get ready for ruler quilting with the Squiggle ruler. Rulerwork design with the Squiggle ruler creates a beautiful texture suitable for totes and zippered pouches.

Squiggle ruler designs stitched with a BERNINA Q 20


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