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Ghost Rope Coaster Tutorial

Ghosters Rope Coaster Tutorial

This project is a great introduction into sewing with cotton cording, and using a zigzag stitch. These would also make a cute addition to a hostess gift with a bottle of wine or cider for any parties you attend this season!

Ghosters Rope Coasters on table

Materials to sew a set of Ghosters Rope Coasters

Instructions to make a set of Ghosters Rope Coasters

Step 1: Preparing Your Cotton Cording

I am using a bundle of cotton cording that measures 1/4″ wide and a length of 100′, when you unwrap your cotton cording from the packaging it comes in a nicely wound bundle. This seems like it’s ready to go, but once that initial unraveling happens, it becomes a tangled mess.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial- unwrapping the cotton cording

I like to begin all of my rope projects by winding my cording into a nice ball, that way you will not have any issues getting tangled up at your machine. Once wound, trim the end of your rope for a nice clean edge.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - winding cording into ball

Step 2: Machine Settings

You will be using two different stitches on this project, a zigzag stitch and a straight stitch. I chose the foot #1C for this project. It’s an all-purpose foot that works for straight stitching as well as decorative stitches and allows me to use a wider width.

Ghosters Rope Coaster Tutorial - Zigzag stitch setting

Stitch: Zigzag, option 2 / width 6.0 / stitch length 2 / needle down

Step 3: Zigzag Stitching Your Oval Shape

Begin by measuring out 7″ of cording on your machine table or using a ruler.

Ghosters Rope Coaster Tutorial - Measuring your rope

Fold your cording at the 7″ measurement, this is where you will begin zigzag stitching.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Fold cording for zig zag stitch

Lower your presser foot down onto the folded end of your cording. Make sure that your needle is in down position and begin zigzag stitching. Sometimes it is hard for your cording to make the initial movement under your presser foot, a seam ripper works well for grabbing one side of the cording to move it through.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Starting your zig zag stitch

As you make it to the end, use your knee lift to lift your presser foot while stitching around to the next cording section to stitch.

Continue zigzag stitching around and around until the width of your oval shape is around 4″ and the length is around 10″.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Zig Zag stitching your oval shape

End your stitches around the middle of your oval shape and trim off any extra cording. There is no need to backstitch at this point.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Ending spot for zig zag stitching oval

Step 4: Cutting Oval Shape and Securing Edges

At your cutting mat, take a ruler and find and mark the middle point of your oval shape.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Measuring Oval to cut

Using a ruler and rotary cutter or heavy-duty scissors, carefully cut your rope oval in half along your marked line.

Ghosters Rope Coaster Tutorial - Cutting oval shape

Using your seam ripper, cut through the zigzag stitching connecting the end tail of the cording. Remove this tail piece.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Removing cord tail

Back at your machine, using a straight stitch – stitch length 2. Stitch a straight line .5″ from the cut end of your half-oval shapes. Tip – if you would like a larger frayed end increase the straight line stitch distance from the raw edge.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Securing raw edges of cording

Using your seam ripper, remove the zigzag stitches from just above your straight line stitch to the end of your raw edges, repeat for every row of zigzag stitching.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Seam ripping the edges

Using your rotary blade or scissors, trim away any loose threads that now hang off the end of your half oval.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Remove lose threads

Use your fingers to fray the raw edges of your cording. Trim any additional loose threads.
Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Fray the raw edges of the cording

Using a permanent black marker, get creative and make your own ghost faces!

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Draw your ghost face

Now you have a fun set of Ghosters to decorate your side tables for those mugs of hot cocoa and cider.

Ghosters Rope Coasters Tutorial - Finished Ghosters Set


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