Valentine Mug Rug Sewing Tutorial

Feb 1, 2023

As soon as the new year rolls in, Valentine’s Day is right behind it. This is a fun day full of love, hearts, red, pink, and chocolate. Yes, chocolate and a nice cup of hot chocolate to start the day. Instead of using a coster, grab a cute handmade mug rug.

Let me show you a couple of Valentine mug rugs!

Valentine Mug Rug - Finish Products

Materials to Sew Valentine Mug Rugs

Valentine Mug Rugs: Materials

Instructions to Sew Valentine Mug Rugs

Step 1: Cut the Fabric

Cut 4 strips of each fabric to 2.5 inches x 12 inches to make the quilted heart.

If you want to make one quilted heart, you can cut it less than 12 inches long.

Valentine Mug Rugs: Cut the fabric

Cut each folded strip into 2.5-inch squares.

Valentine Mug Rugs: Cut the fabric

Cut 24 squares to make one quilted heart along with 1 piece of backing and batting to 8-inch x 8-inch square.

Valentine Mug Rugs: Cut the fabric

To make the other hearts, cut 2 pieces (front and back) of fabric and the batting to 7-inch x 7-inch squares.

Step 2: Sew the Squares Together

Arrange the squares the way you would like to see them.


Sew the squares together

Sew each row together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Iron the seams to one side.

Valentine Mug Rugs: Sew the squares together

Repeat the above step until all rows are sewn.

Now, pin the rows together and sew them together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Sew the squares together

Step 3: Cut Out the Hearts

If you have an electric cutter, use the software that comes with it to create the heart shape you desire. The large heart was cut to 8-inches x 8 -inches.

Cut out the hearts

Cut the batting and the backing to the same size.

Valentine Mug Rug - Cut out the hearts

For the smaller hearts, create a 6.5-inch x 6-inch heart. Then cut the 2 pieces of fabric and batting.

For those that do not have an electric cutter use the heart template.

Step 4: Sew the Pieces Together

Baste the batting and the quilted piece together with basting spray.

Place the backing on top of the quilted heart, right sides together, and pin.

Valentine Mug Rugs: Sew the pieces together

Sew the pieces together

Use the #97D foot and sew a quarter-inch seam allowance.

Sew the pieces together

Leave a 3-inch hole for turning.

Sew the pieces together

Turn the heart inside out. Use a point turner to run along the inside edge to push them out and press.

Use the #10D foot to topstitch the heart closed.

Give it one last press.

Sewing the pieces together

Repeat the steps above to create the smaller hearts. And, done!

These Valentine Mug Rugs are fantastically easy and can be done in the afternoon. Cozy up with a great book, a cup of hot chocolate, and your new mug rug to protect your table. These are great for last-minute gifts.

Valentine Mug Rug - Finished Product

Valentine Mug Rugs - Finished Product