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How to Make the Most out of Your Quilting Cruise

Quilt Cruise Tips and Tricks

Quilting Cruises? Did you know quilting cruises existed?


Did you know that Stitchin' Heaven, a local quilt shop in a town of 1809 wonderful folks has been doing quilting cruises for more than a decade?


Did you know that Stitchin' Heaven has a 50% return rate on customers that have been on a Stitchin' Heaven quilt cruise?

Deb Luttrell (Owner) and Dana Goyer (Cruise Director) sat down to discuss their "trips and tricks" when planning a quilting cruise. They have been on over 75 cruises together.


Dana and Deb on a cruise

1. Bring A Wall Plug With USB Ports


You are not allowed to bring an extension cord or power strip onboard a cruise ship. These items will be confiscated. Because of the lack of electricity in cabins, it is recommended to bring a wall plum with USB ports.


The wall plugs give you additional outlets while still providing you with opportunities to charge your cell phones.


Most restrooms on these cruise ships do not have an outlet in the bathroom. Check behind your bed, they usually have an outlet located there.

2. Plastic Tumblers With Straws Are Your Best Friend

If you are not going to be purchasing a drink package, we recommend bringing an insulated tumbler for drinking water that will be provided in the conference room. It is essential to have a cup with a lid in the conference room to prevent spills on the sewing machines and fabrics.


Cruise ships no longer provide plastic straws. They now use the paper straws - gross.

3. Bring a Suction Cup Toothbrush Holder

You can purchase these at Wal-Mart or Amazon, but due to lack of physical space in the cabin restrooms, you're going to want to get your toothbrush off the countertop.


The toothbrush suction cup allows you to keep your toothbrush out of the way and in a place that is less likely to get dirty or contaminated.

4. S-Hooks for Showers


The restrooms in your cabin are tiny, and so are the showers. Your showers will lack space for you to hang items. It is recommended that you bring S-Hooks to hang your shower loofah on the wire shelving.


The S-Hooks will provide you the opportunity to keep your items from being on the ground.

5. Nightlight for Restroom


If you are sharing a room with someone, it may be an annoyance to turn on the bathroom light while they are sleeping so that you can make your way in without tripping.


When on a cruise ship, the rooms get dark, and turning on the restroom light after being asleep is a sure-fire way temporarily blind yourself.

Get yourself one of the battery-powered nightlights (no electric in restrooms) to mount in your bathroom. The light will provide you with just enough lighting to achieve your goals while up.

6. Battery Operated Alarm Clock


Go back in time with a battery-operated alarm clock. While on the cruise, you are on ship time, no matter where you are at your destination. Ship time is the time and time zone that you departed on.

However, you may cruise different time zones, and your phones do not care that you are on ship time. Nowadays, our phones automatically change time based on the zip code you are in at the time. Most times, those time zones are crossed while sleeping.


Having a battery-operated alarm clock that does not automatically update, will keep you from missing breakfast or getting to the sewing room on time the next morning.

7. Bluetooth Speakers


Want to listen to your music? ?


Well, most of us do. Having a Bluetooth speaker allows you to listen to music in your cabin while lounging and preparing for all the events and programs you'll continuously be getting ready for.

8. Charging and Cord Organization

Do you travel with every cord that you could possibly own? We could list all the cables you would need for a cruise trip, but we all know what we travel with. You can order pouches on Amazon or Ebags to separate your cords for better organization and convenience.


9. Bring an Umbrella or Poncho for Port Days

Yellow umbrella against a blue sky

You do not want to get to port, on a rainy day without an umbrella. Why, because you don't want to be wet and you don't want to use your shopping money on a pesky umbrella. You should expect it to rain at least once at some point.


10. Cross Body Zipper Pouch

It is essential to protect your belongings while at the port. Generally, the ports are safe, but you want your items secured on your persons at all times. When getting off a cruise ship, there are several items that you will be taking with you while at the port. Keep them on you and keep them safe.

11. Don't Miss Out on The Cruise Compass

Every day you are presented with a cruise compass. It will be wonderfully placed on your nicely made up bed.


The cruise compass gives you the next day's activities, such as special events, showtimes, restaurants opening time, and upcoming port information. Any questions you may have regarding the ship or what is upcoming will be on your cruise compass.

12. Bring Dry Erase Marker


Keep yourself organized with a dry erase marker. Use it to write down your schedule and or activities that you would be interested in.

13. Tote bags and Baggage Scale

When you register for your quilting cruise, you will be given a Stitchin' Heaven tote bag. The tote bag will allow you to show off your Stitchin' Heaven pride and let everyone onboard know that you're with "the quilters." We also place your quilt kits in these totes, which will add some weight.


A baggage scale will keep you on track with the weight of your luggage so that you're not surprised on your flight home.




Cruises are fun and provide an escape from reality for the week that your away at sea. Quilt cruises are a different level of fun - they offer you an experience and community that builds your friendships for many years to come.


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