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Scrap Crazy Quilt Kit Tutorial and Video

Get Rockin' with Scrap Crazy

Quilts are fun, beautiful and intrinsic original pieces of art that are handcrafted by a sweet and generous soul.

Oftentimes we are asked to make a quilt for someone or feel inclined to make a quilt for someone as a gift. But we all know how much effort it takes to complete a quality quilt.

If you are like most people we are greatly limited with time. Time is valuable, but so are the ones we love.

What is Scrap Crazy

Scrap Crazy is literally a technique that will allow you to make a big beautiful quilt in a single day (if you stay focused). This quilt pattern is accessible for all skill levels, and it's a great way to display your favorite fabrics.

Designed by Karen Montgomery and manufactured by Creative Grids, Scrap Crazy allows you to Cut five pieces of fabric from three templates to create a finished 8 inch block.

Scrap Crazy quilts are best made using 10" squares (known as layer cakes) or fabric from your scraps in a matter of minutes.

Still interested? Let's take a few minutes and walk through the amazing and simple process of Scrap Crazy. This is a great project, even if you're just learning to sew!

Let's get started!

Supplies Need for Scrap Crazy:

· Layer cake or 10” squares

· 8" Scrap crazy template set

· Cutting mat

· Rotary mat

· Rotary cutter

· Thread cutter block (or scissors)

· Helper template

· Shop Scrap Crazy Quilt Kits

As mentioned above, Scrap Crazy is best made using layer cakes or 10" squares (layer cakes) and we recommend that you cut as many layers as possible. This makes the fabric requirements easy to pick and purchase. The more layers you can cut, the quicker you will get through this project! Your quilt can look a variety of ways depending on your layer cake. We do offer kits for this quilt.

The more layers you can cut, the quicker you will get through this project! Your quilt can look a variety of ways depending on your layer cake.

If at any time during this project, you have difficulty understanding a specific instruction, remember to refer to the instruction book that came with your Scrap Crazy template set, further clarification can be found there.

For the first cut of your layer cake, you are going to use the Helper template (a Stitchin’ Heaven exclusive).

Watch the tutorial for instructions on using the Helper tool.

This is the only time you will use this tool during your project but it is very important because you need to be sure when you make that first cut that you have enough space on the left-hand side to get the two shapes you're going to need.


Using the Helper template also ensures that you don't short yourself on fabric and potentially ruin your layer cake.



Begin Cutting Your Scrap Crazy Layer Cake


Now you can begin cutting your Scrap Crazy pieces, using the Scrap Crazy template set.


Your first three cuts are going to be made using the larger piece of your layer cake.


The first three pieces to cut are the A/C/D pieces. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the B-piece, we will cut out our B-piece and second C-piece from the smaller cut of the layer cake.


Remember, it's always best to follow the edge of the layer cake when making your Scrap Crazy cuts, try to waste the least amount of fabric you can throughout this process.


One last thing, remember to trim off your tips!



From the remaining side of your layer cake, you can now cut the B-piece and second C-piece.



Once the entire layer cake is cut, your stack should look like what you see pictured below.


Notice that every cut has a different patterned fabric on top.


To make this a truly Scrap Crazy project, you'll want to mix up each stack; there's nothing scientific or mathematical about this step, just mix the piles to your liking!



Time to Sew


It's time to head to the sewing machine now! Proceed by chain-sewing your entire C-piece stack to your entire D-piece stack.


That should be a total of 42 or 40 depending on if you are using a batik layer cake (40 pieces) or a cotton layer cake (42 pieces).


The result of your quilt will either be 5 blocks x 8 blocks (which is a stack of 40 pieces) or a quilt that is 6 blocks x 7 blocks (which is a stack of 42 pieces).


Since you are chain-piecing this project, you will not have to stop and cut your thread between pieces.


Separating Your Chain-Pieced Blocks

Once you're finished, you will have a long flag of chain-pieced pieces sewn together. Next, you can either use scissors and cut them apart one-by-one or you can use a thread-cutter block. Shop Thread Cutter on ABC Block: http://bit.ly/32yBH27


The Thread Cutter Block is super handy and is perfect for separating the chain pieced blocks. The Clover pendant-style thread cutter is held tightly in it's own wooden block and exclusive to Stitchin' Heaven.


Once the C and D pieces are sewn together you can now sew the A-piece stack to your C and D pieces. You now have one side complete!


Next, sew your C-piece to your B-piece and you have another side complete. Finally, you can sew the two sides together and TA-DA! You're blocks are finished!


Now that the blocks are all sewn together, we don't recommend you put it on a design wall. Not using a design wall will give it a random, unique look.




To get that uniqueness, take the first block, lay it down, put the second block on top of the first but turn the second block once.


Put the third block on top of the second block and turn the third block two times, etc.


Sew the blocks into rows and then sew all the rows together..


The center of your Scrap Crazy quilt is done!


At this point you can decide if you want to add borders, they are totally optional and completely up to personal preference.


For borders we recommend a 2" finished inner border and a 6" finished outer border.


Your quilt is ready for quilting and then binding and you are done! Congratulations! We hope you found this post inspiring and insightful.




Scrap Crazy is our absolute go to for quilts that we need to make fast, but beautiful. We have seen hundreds of quilters make Scrap Crazy quilts in a matter of hours.


Happy quilting! And checkout out full selection of Scrap Crazy Quilt Kits: http://bit.ly/2T51YlG

Tutorial on Scrap Crazy


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