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What is Laser Cut Fusible Applique?

Written By: Anita Williams


Appliqué projects can be sew much fun! While they are fun, they can also be very tedious. You have to search your stash for lots of fabric scraps, trace each individual piece, and then cut out all of those pieces. If you are doing a project with many pieces, this task can quickly become more work than fun. 

But what if the hard work was done for you? Well, that is where Laser Cut Fusible Appliqué comes into play. These specially designed laser cut fusible appliqué kits come with the appliqué pieces already pre-cut and pre-fused so that you can get straight to the fun of putting the “puzzle” together. Simply peel off the backing, and iron the design onto your fabric. No tracing involved!

What You Need to Succeed

While laser cut fusible appliqué projects may not require as many tools and gadgets as needle turn applique, there are still certain tools you may want to add to your arsenal in order to get the best result possible. Setting yourself up for success gives you the best chance of enjoying your hobby, and after all, aren’t we all quilters because we like to enjoy our hobby? 

Precision Fusing Mat 17" x 24"

One of the first things I always turn to when doing laser cut projects is my trusty appliqué mat. I have this Precision Fusing Mat in the 17 x 24 inch size. I know, that seems huge! However, this will ensure you have plenty of room to work with, and only costs $5.00 more than the smaller size. Every appliqué kit that you get from Stitchin’ Heaven will come with a template or guide for you to line up your applique pieces. Simply put this mat over the top of your template, and start placing your pieces together. Once you have all of your pieces where you want them, you can fuse them together into one unit before moving it to your quilt top or quilt block for final placement. 

Every quilter needs a good wool mat, but I find that it is super helpful to have one on hand when doing these applique projects. This Stitchin’ Heaven Exclusive My Wool Pressing Mat in the 17 x 24 inch size fits perfectly between my two sewing machines at my table. By using the wool mat when pressing, the applique pieces are getting heat from both sides. It really increases the quality of your finished project, and decreases the time you spend pressing. 

The worst thing to run into when doing a fusible applique project is to start pressing your design down and the iron cord gets in the way! So many times I have gotten frustrated trying to hold the cord out of the way so that it doesn’t move my pieces around, and ended up putting the whole project in the UFO bin.  Deb showed me this 360 Freestyle Cordless Iron, and it quite literally was a game changer for me. No cords get in the way of my project, and the iron is lightweight, but effective. Thanks Deb!

While all of the above supplies sure do come in handy, probably the most important (and least expensive!) tool you can have on hand is the correct needle. I have been using the Schmetz Super NonStick needles in 80/12 for my Laser Cut Fusible Applique projects, and they make life so much easier! These needles glide right through the fusible with no issues, and keep your machine from getting gummed up with all of the residue from the fusible. 

Where Do I Find a Laser Cut Fusible Applique Kit?

Stichin’ Heaven has many Laser Cut Kits on their website to choose from. Whether you are looking for your next big project, making a small gift for a loved one, or wanting to join a Block of the Month program, you are sure to find something you love at Stitchin’ Heaven. 

Probably my newest favorite Laser Cut Fusible Block of the Month is the exclusive Porch Quilts. Each month you get a different Laser Cut Fusible Applique project with a seasonal porch quilt to display in your home, or on your porch. I get easily distracted, and tend to move from project to project. By having a smaller project each month to complete I get the satisfaction of finishing my “quilt” each month, but also the fun of doing something new and exciting. It certainly makes me feel more accomplished! 

Another great option to get started in your journey with laser cut fusible applique, is to pick out a quilt kit. Stitchin’ Heaven has a team that is dedicated to running the four laser cutting machines. They do a great job of putting these kits together! For example, this Bluebonnet Kit is something that I would not want to cut out on my own, but with the Laser Cut Fusible Applique kit available, it is something that I feel is much more achievable. Simply pick out your fabrics for the borders and background, and have fun!

Being innovative and creative is something Stitchin’ Heaven always strives to be, and their new Fuse and Sew kits are no exception. These kits not only have the laser cut fusible pieces included, but also the pieces needed for your background, borders, and binding. The Stag Quilt Kit is a gorgeous option that provides you with all the fabrics you will need for the top of your project. 


The Stag Laser Cut Fusible Applique Quilt Kit

If you are looking to venture into doing applique, but not looking forward to the work involved, I encourage you to try laser cut fusible applique. This technique gives beautiful results without all of the tedious cutting and tracing of traditional applique projects. To see what other projects are available in laser cut kits, visit our Laser Cut Fusible webpage. 


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