Why Invest in a Longarm Quilting Machine?

Apr 14, 2023

Quilts are such a beautiful project that takes time, energy, determination, and a lot of creativity. But in this bustling world, many quilters find themselves behind schedule when putting their valuable sewing skills into practice. And if they create quilts as an occupation, the frustration of the process can be a strain and can affect the quality of the quilts.

 That is why a longarm quilting machine is such a wonderful option. Often seen in textile mills, longarm quilting machines can take the excess work out of quilting and produce incredibly detailed and colorful quilts in a fraction of the time it would take a single person to construct one with needle and thread. It gives the user a new luxury in life that they have been missing extra time.


What is a Longarm Quilting Machine?

In short, it is an advanced sewing machine that can do the work of many hands in a single pass. These unique efficient machines can sew through several layers of a quilt and have a deep throat that keeps the material from bunching and gives the user a greater overall work area. Most quilts are sewn by hand because using a machine is frustrating with the thickness of the material. Longarm quilting machines have eliminated that issue.

A quality longarm quilting machine must have certain components to be worth the investment. For maximum efficacy, if you plan to invest in one, make sure it has:


  • Large Throat Space: This is the space between the neck of the machine and the rollers where your fabric is staged before it is added to the quilt. It must offer ample space to offer flexible movement without bunching.
  •  Frame Stability: Your machine must be firm, stable, and not allowed to vibrate. These machines are bulky and have the heft that helps with this. Diminishing vibrations will ensure your stitches are straight. 
  • Speed Control: No two people sew at the same speed. Control over the speed of your machine is important. Design complexity and personal skill will profit from this feature.
  •  Tension Control: Loose threads and fabric tension can make your patterns crooked and your seams jagged, which will lead to a breakdown of the quilt in short order. Proper tension control keeps everything tight and orderly. If you have never used a tension control, many longarm quilting machines have an easy-to-operate tension control feature.
  •  Stitch Regulator: Consistent, uniform stitches are a hallmark of a quality quilt. You want your quilts to look professional. Stitch regulation is how even a novice can tell poorly constructed quilts from skillfully crafted professional quilts.


Many of these features come in different options for customizing your machines, giving you a greater sense of individuality. Create your best brand, build amazing quilts, and know they are unique.


Investing in a Longarm Quilting Machine


You might be asking yourself why investing in one of these amazing machines is even a question. How much can a sewing machine cost? That is part of the problem. Many people have no idea what the difference is between a normal tabletop sewing machine and a longarm quilting machine.

 The answer is simple. Tabletop Sewing Machines and Sergers can be put away at the end of the work, tucked into a closet or storage space. Longarm sewing machines are large, heavy, and once they are in place, are rarely moved. They are more than just the longarm sewing machine but also involve a large tabletop and a roller system.

 You aren’t just buying a single sewing machine unit but an entire sewing table space. And this area affords the user a 10-to-14-foot area with plenty of space to work on an entire quilt without having to build in small sections to combine later. It provides the option to put many layers together without fear of bunching. And the speed controls and tension control allow for absolute control from start to finish.

 In the end, it is a more efficient design than any other choice when creating professional-looking quilts.


Longarm Quilting Machines Worthy Of A Look

 If you intend to invest, here are two that might interest you:HQ Amara 24

 HQ Amara 24-inch Longarm Quilting Machine – Retail between 16,000 and 28,000 USD


HQ Infinity 26 sewing machine

Handi Quilter – Infinity 26 – Retail between 20,500 and 32,500 USD


These are the best of the best, each comes with a variable tabletop frame option, and both come with a wonderful suite of built-in features that will make your sewing experience a joy.

Your Best-in-Class Quilting Solution

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