Why do you love BERNINA?

Sep 8, 2020

"I was visiting Texas to see our daughter’s family and we made the 2.5 trip to Stitchin Heaven to see the shop.  I walked in the door and knew that I wanted a new machine.  I worked with Erika to decide what machine I wanted and purchased that day!"

-Beth R.

Yes 450 I live how smooth it sews! Buying experience was great, I looked at a ton of them but had to go with the one I could afford! I have pieced a lot of quilts on ‘this machine! I have been quilting for 34 years my first machine was a JCPENNEY cheapie

- Sue M. 

I have a 1080 purchased by my husband for an anniversary present in 1997. I consider her to be superbly designed, with the best 1/4” (no. 37) foot. I love how easy it is to change feet, how she stops immediately after removing pressure on the pedal. She’s a great machine. I’m a quilter, starting around 1985.

- Susan C.

I have 2, a 1630 and a 790. Quality machines, I bought them at a local shop (1630) and a demo show (790). I started quilting about 25 years ago but haven't done any in several years due to time constraints.

- Susan D. 

135,440,700,830,880. We have a BERNINA dealer in town and I got introduced to the machines. Buying experience was helpful. I’ve been quilting over 20 years

- Sheila H. 

I have a 440QE, I have had it for 10 + years and absolutely love it! The BSR is a game changer but I love everything about this machine!

- Diana P. 

Two, the 630 and the 830. My experience at buying was wonderful. I bought both machines off of the same dealer. I have been quilting about 10 years.

- Leisa J. 

I have been a fan of Bernina for 30+ years! I started with the activa, & deco machines and upgraded to the artists 200, and again to the 880+. I used to have a Bernina serger - but recently switched to a Babylock cover stitch and a serger. My old Bernina serger was a combo cover stitch & serger. I love the higher end Bernina machines for their quality and interchangeable large collection of sewing foot attachments! Well made & reliable!

- Jo Miller

I have two Bernina sewing machines and an older Bernina serger. 160 purchased 20 years ago, when I started Quilting, and a Tula Pink 77O QE purchased this spring. I bought them because of strong construction and accuracy, reliability, and options, as well as ease of use and interchangeable feet. In both cases, the purchase experience, supports, and education was excellent. I love my machines!

- Heather S. 

Bought my first Bernina in 1975 - an 830 Record & used it mostly for clothing. My 2nd Bernina in 2011 - a 440 QE which is when I started quilting. I also have an older vintage 530 Record. I love all of them & wouldn't trade them for any other brand. My purchase experience for the first 2 was great. Both businesses I bought them from offered lessons .

- Carol G. 

 I have a 130 that I bought in 1999. It is still humming along. I got a 131 about 2 years ago used and I use it to travel to guild meetings (before covid). Both buying experiences were great. I have been quilting about 20 years or more. Sewing since I was a child on a singer treadle!

- Lorraine K. 

750 and 8 something. Just moved, machines and fabric last to be liberated! Chose Bernina because of nearby service in my town. Bought in 2002 or so from my local dealer and quilt store owner. Love them both...

- Marilyn T. 

I own two Bernina's. A 830 and a three fifty. My friend recommended bernina to me and I love them. I have been quilting for 10 years. I bought my machines at Hoover's in Mifflinburg pa. The best customer service around. So helpful and works with you. Bernina is my only choice for a sewing machine.

- Linda K. 

 770 QE Special Edition, Quality of the machine, excellent, and 16 years

- Debie B. 

Tula B770; awesome deal; excellent experience; more than 35 years

- Chritine S. 

I own a 150 (21 years of great sewing! I also own two 770’s. I had a 750 which I traded in to purchase one of my 770’s.

My buying experience was great except for the 750. That machine was in the repair shop for nearly a year. The repair shop loaned me the 770. I loved it so much, I decided to purchase a 770. When it became almost a year and the 750 was still not fixed, I decided to trade the 750 for the second 770. My repair shop is awesome!!

I’ve been quilting since 1998.

- Mark Y.

I own a 440QE that I bought because of the BSR. I already knew the quality of Bernina and the 440 was the first machine with the BSR. I have been quilting for 35 years and Bernina is my machine of choice.

- Virgina H.

I now have the 630. It’s my third Bernina! I’ve been sewing for 57 years. I started out with lesser machines. When I could finally buy what I wanted, I bought three other well known brands and returned them all. They just didn’t feel like the Bernina. I went straight to my local dealership and made my first purchase. I love to sew on my Bernina. I’ve never had a problem of any kind. It stitched and appliqués beautifully. I’m a fan for life!

- Karen D.