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2023 Longarm Seminar At Sea

Join Stitchin' Heaven and Friends on a 7-night Caribbean Cruise! Cruise and learn from longarm quilting experts: Adam Rateliff, Micki Chappeleara, Tiffany Hayes, and Scott Hayes.
November 12 - 19, 2023
Galveston - Roatan, Honduras - Costa Maya, Mexico - Cozumel, Mexico
Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas


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Dear Cruisin' Quilters

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Longarm Seminar At Sea Cruise, a 7-night Caribbean adventure. This is a unique opportunity for you to enhance your longarm quilting skills while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Caribbean.

Onboard, you will have the chance to attend classes led by the industry's leading instructors, Adam Rateliff, Micki Chappelear and Tiffany & Scott Hayes. The information covered in these classes is generic and applicable to any longarm quilting machine, making this experience suitable for quilters of all levels.

Not only will you have the opportunity to learn and improve your skills, but you will also have the chance to relax and rejuvenate while exploring the stunning beauty of the Caribbean. From the stunning beaches to the vibrant culture, this cruise promises to be an unforgettable experience.

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey and take advantage of this opportunity to further your longarm quilting skills while enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean.

- Deb Luttrell, Owner - Stitchin' Heaven 


If you have never been on a quilting cruise, you have missed a real treat!  Since 2010 Stitchin' Heaven Travel has offered quilt-related cruises and motor coach tours to literally hundreds of satisfied guests. See reviews from our happy travelers here.

How can all this get any better? Here's how!

      • Pre-cruise communication from Stitchin‘ Heaven Travel
      • Education from 4 industry leaders on the use of your longarm machine
      • Don't own a machine? No problem. This is the perfect time to explore new possibilities!
      • Demo all machines at once so you are comfortable with the different features of each
      • Plenty of time for networking and making new friends
      • Classroom support from Stitchin' Heaven Staff
      • Prizes, surprises, and a boatload of fun! 

Consider bringing a friend, your spouse or your family – non-quilters are always welcome to join us and will have many activities to pursue while you are in class.

We look forward to our next adventure together with you!


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Adam Rateliff

Adam Rateliff

Adam Rateliff grew up in a family of fiber artists. His grandmother could create anything with a needle and embroidery floss; his mother is a very talented sewist, especially with garments and costumes. He remembers, at a young age, sitting and watching his mother create, and one day asked her to teach him how to sew. He retained those skills and built on them throughout his life and finds his joy and happiness helping quilters realize their quilting goals. 

Adam began quilting in 2012. As a beginner he was in awe of longarm quilters, imagining what it would be like to have the freedom of finishing his quilting projects himself and the creativity it would inspire. After much thought and some good friends for support, he purchased a HQ Infinity® with Pro-Stitcher®, and has been quilting professionally ever since. 

Adam enjoys teaching quilting classes at local shops, guilds, and in his home studio. His students are those who are usually found laughing the loudest while working on brand new skills. Adam excels at getting quilters outside of their comfort zone, teaching the best ways to use rulers, free motion, or blending Pro-Stitcher designs with free motion work. His relaxed fun style in and out of class, inspire others to have fun with their journey in quilting. 

Adam can be found making how-to videos on his YouTube channel at AdamSewFun. He also inspires others through multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. A native of California, he spent four years in Eugene, Oregon and he recently spent two years in Cleveland, Ohio. He and his family (including dogs Duchess and Barry) look forward to his upcoming relocation back to California in the summer of 2021.

Micki Chappelear

Micki Chappelear

Micki Chappelear resides in Hillsboro, Illinois, a rural farming community where she has lived her entire life. She was introduced to her love of sewing through 4-H and doing alterations at a men’s clothing store at the young age of 16. Growing up in a family of five children, Micki shared the joy of creating crafts and sewing with her mother, who always made the family’s clothing. 

Later in life, Micki found her passion for longarm quilting while at a Mothers’ Day outing with her sisters, taking their mother to a quilt show. While there, Micki’s sister spotted a longarm machine and said it looked like something she would like. Micki tried the machine and was hooked! After two months of dreaming about the machine and the possibilities of what she could create, and after doing her research as a consumer, she ordered the HQ Fusion® with Pro-Stitcher® and never looked back! Each day she quilts, she looks forward to turning on her machine and spending the day doing what she loves. Micki now also owns the HQ Sweet Sixteen® and all three models of the HQ Stitch machines. 

Micki and her husband have a married daughter and two darling granddaughters, Gracie and Piper. Gracie already has her first sewing machine and when she comes to visit she always asks to quilt. Micki stays busy making memories with her family.

Tiffany & Scott Hayes

Tiffany & Scott Hayes

Tiffany has a passion for quilting (designing, piecing, hand applique and machine quilting).  She has been quilting and teaching for quite a long time.   Her quilts have been featured by numerous publications including Quilter’s World Magazine, Keepsake Quilting and Connecting Threads.  Tiffany loves teaching.  She works with various fabric companies to create fabric collection-specific quilt patterns. Tiffany has developed The Goddess Tool, The 60º Triangle Tool, The 90º Triangle Tool and has a few more in the works.  The Goddess Tool is commonly used in her Block of the Month patterns.  Tiffany and Scott (her machine quilting husband) are proud owners of a Long Arm quilting machine.  Tiffany designs and pieces while Scott works to create digitized machine quilting designs to match her original quilt patterns.  Tiffany declares herself a Quilt Addict! 

She designs and publishes under the name: Needle in a Hayes Stack.



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Adam's Classes

Adam's Classes

Intro to Pro-Stitcher

Pro-Stitcher is an intuitive computer-guided quilting system designed especially for  longarm quilting machines. User-friendly and simple to operate, the step-by-step process for each function is easy and fun. New users – start here!

Pro-Stitcher Beyond Basics

You have the basics of Pro-Stitcher down. Let’s dive deeper into Pro-Stitcher to explore the powerful software capabilities which will enable you to create quilted masterpieces. Whether finishing your own quilts or consider a quilting business, come see the elegant and precise quilting you can accomplish with Pro-Stitcher. 

Free Motion Foundations & Background Fills

Quilters everywhere LOVE the excitement and fun of free-motion quilting – and it’s easier than you think! Create flowing designs by connecting simple design elements with continuous lines, traveling across the quilt or filling in a specific area. Learn how drawing and muscle memory contribute to beautiful free-motion quilting, and how you can create stunning designs. Interested in building a library of designs you can use with confidence? In this workshop, you’ll identify shapes you already love to quilt, learn how to create pathways to connect designs, and explore using different threads to really make your background fill quilting pop.

Intro to Designer

Pro-Stitcher Designer is full featured, vector-based drawing software which gives you the ability to quickly design, edit, customize, export and import any quilting motif you can imagine. This class will start with a basic overview of the easy-to-use features. New users will be creating their own digital designs for their next quilting project by the end of this class!

Advanced Courses:

Advanced PS Designer (2 night - $200) 

During these two nights, you will explore specific areas of Pro-Stitcher Designer.  These are not entry level classes and will assume you know the basic skills of the program and your computer.   

The first night, we will focus on lettering.  This is such a simple way to customize your quilt tops and takes minutes to learn the process.  Once you have this down, all the doors to letters will open to you.  We will digitize our own words, talk about how to make any word stitch out in one pass by closing the gaps between the inner and outer sections, and put them on a curve.  Now those baby quilts, or memory quilts can have an extra touch of personalization. 

On the second night, we will talk about creating a whole design family.  We will start with one element and expand off that one piece to create a full family of designs.  One border, one block and one corner can be created with ease when you take a step back and look at the big picture.  

Advanced Pro Stitcher (1 night - $100)

We are going to call this class, Combine to Make it Mine!  We will talk about how to take a design already loaded into Pro-Stitcher and make it something new.  Once you understand the process, you will see how easy it really is.  Let your mind go crazy creating new and fun designs for all your quilts.  The best part, you can do this anywhere using the Pro-Stitcher Simulator program.  It’s a new world out there once you master the steps of combining designs.

Micki's Classes

Micki's Classes

Ruler Your Quilts (Back by popular demand!)

If you love precision and consistency in your quilting designs, you will love using rulers and templates! These handy tools assist in placing designs accurately and stitching them out precisely. Learn to handle rulers and templates safely with the ruler base and Sure Foot, and how to achieve accuracy with the markings. The wide variety of rulers will inspire you to new design heights.

Happy Feet

Have you ever wanted to break away from your basic quilting and really see what your longarm can do? You can piece, quilt on unique fabric, apply binding to your quilts, and a lot of other great time saving techniques on your longarm. Find out what your longarm can really do and get ready to get more projects done.

How Do I Quilt It

Come to this workshop to explore how to create a quilting plan. We’ll look at ways to define the purpose and style of the quilt, build a theme, and choose threads to compliment the piecing of the quilt.

Feather Foundations 

Feather designs add a touch of class to any quilt. Learn to draw and stitch these beautiful elements in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Advanced Courses:

Creative Fun With Your Longarm (1 night - $100) 

Join Micki for a fun evening learning how to use your longarm for more than just quilts!  In this class you’ll learn to think outside the box when it comes to your longarm.  Micki will complete one project in class demonstrating how to make a cute bag with a zipper…all on the longarm.  You can purchase a kit to take home as well.

Taking your ruler work to the next level (1 night - $100)

Join Micki for the exclusive opportunity to use rulers to take your quilts, and panels, to the next level.  Micki will walk you through ruler work on a fun panel.  You’ll want to make this project, so panels will be available for purchase.  This class is more than just ruler work, its ruler work on steroids!

Tiffany & Scott’s Classes

Tiffany & Scott’s Classes

Basics Of Longarm Quilting

Does longarm quilting interest you, and you’d like to learn more about it? Or do you just want a review of longarm quilting basics? This class removes the mystery of longarm quilting by explaining machine and frame elements and features, how to load a quilt, and vital facts about thread, needles, and tension. Longarm machine and frame systems come in various sizes for every budget and are user-friendly because they are designed by a quilter, for quilters – just like you!

Beyond Basics Techniques (couching, orange peel, binding on the machine)

Have you ever wanted to make a project stand out and be noticed?  Couching will do the trick every time!  In this class you'll learn how to use a variety of yarns to embellish your quilts and projects. Take a classic design – the orange peel – and spice it up. You’ll learn how to add creative designs to jazz up this basic quilting design. Also we will learn just how easy it is to bing on your longarm machine!

Edge To Edge Quilting With Tiffany

Learn how easy it is to complete an edge-to-edge design for your quilt.  With hundreds of designs included with the ProStitcher, you'll be stitching in no time. From simple patterns to advanced, this class has it all.

Intro to Custom Digitized Quilting With Scott

Let's get serious about designing your quilt.  Custom quilting is a breeze with ProStitcher Premium.  Scott will show you all the tools you need to make you quilts pop.

Advanced Courses:

Advanced Custom Digitized Quilting with Tiffany & Scott (1 night - $100)

Start with a quick introduction the The electric Quilt Companies EQ8 software. Save a few blocks and import those blocks into Pro Stitcher Designer. Once the blocks are loaded it is time to learn some cool tricks to designing the digitized artwork to enhance those blocks. Various designing techniques will be shown over multiple blocks. See how those designs will work together over your quilt top to create a cohesive quilting masterpiece.


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Day 1

Galveston, TX

When you cruise from Galveston, you’re in for big thrills before you even set foot onboard the ship. A favorite vacation stop among families, this fun-loving seaside city in Texas offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty and warm southern hospitality. Start your visit with a Texas-style breakfast in the historic Strand District, the pulsing heart of the city and a hub of antique shops, restaurants and bars. Make time for a walk along the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, home to lots of family-friendly rides, games and other attractions. Then explore Galveston’s illustrious history on a scenic stroll past well-preserved Victorian mansions and centuries-old landmark buildings. If you visit Galveston, you must dedicate a bit of time to the city’s museums, which host exhibits on all kinds of topics — from Galveston’s history with oil and railroads to the pirates and corsairs that haunt the Gulf Coast’s rich and colorful past.

Day 1 Image

Day 2


Longarm Classes in the Conference Center!

Day 3


Longarm Classes in the Conference Center!

Day 4

Roatan, Honduras

Roatán’s diverse blend of cultures and traditions is enough to charm anyone. But its mangrove forests, dense jungles, and swaths of white-sand beach will make you want to stay forever. Divers and snorkelers from all over the globe flock to the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands every year see to the world’s second largest barrier reef firsthand. Roatán cruises provide access to laid-back beach towns and secluded shores. On the Big Island, you can mingle with monkeys and “Jesus” lizards, snorkel with stingrays, and zipline through rainforest canopies. If it’s culture you crave, the island’s unique and vibrant blend is more than satisfying— made up of ex-pat sun seekers, Hondurans from the mainland, descendants of European settlers, and Garífuna, whose Afro-Carib-Arawak heritage still flavors centuries-old communities like Punta Gorda.

Day 4 Image

Day 5

Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico

Past meets present in Costa Maya. Cruise to Costa Maya and find ancient Maya ruins and mysterious jungles just begging to be explored, as well as private beach clubs and trendy restaurants— all in one place. It’s 250 square miles of paradise packed with entertainment and history, all just 30 miles south of Cancun. The Great Maya Reef just off the coast is the second largest in the world— it’s a must-snorkel spot. Or you can kick back at the port village of Mahahual with an ice-cold michelada— a spicy beer cocktail— in hand. For a culture fix, head to the Kohunlick ruins to see the famous Temple of the Masks.

Day 5 Image

Day 6

Cozumel, Mexico

With its lively tropical reefs, crystal-clear waters and ancient ruins, Cozumel is ripe for one-of-a-kind adventures. Cruise to Cozumel and head to Chankanaab National Park, where you can snorkel among the colorful reefs and schools of tropical fish that give this island its premier diving status. Or travel back in time on an adventure through the towering Maya ruins of Tulum. When you’re done exploring, unwind with a beachside massage at Playa Mia. From culture savoring to soaking up sunshine, you’ll find a world of adventure waiting for you in Cozumel.

Day 6 Image

Day 7


Longarm Classes in the Conference Center!

Day 8

Galveston, TX

Return to Galveston, TX.

The Ship

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The Ship

Harmony Of The Seas


It’s one of the world’s largest cruise ships, and it’s filled with adventures to match.

What do you get when you combine one of the biggest ships in the world with some of the boldest thrills at sea? A gravity defying, status-quo denying, electrifying expedition onboard Harmony of the Seas® that will set a new standard for family vacations. From first-at-sea feats to the favorites you know and love, you’ll find so many ways to make memories onboard — like the tallest slide at sea, Ultimate Abyss℠, deck-defying stunts at the AquaTheater, and the robot-helmed Bionic Bar. Not to mention dazzling Broadway performances and globetrotting gastronomic experiences that go from Asia to the Mediterranean, and beyond.  


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Stateroom's are as follows:

Room TypePrice
Interior Stateroom$799*
Balcony Stateroom

*Non-sewing guests will receive a $250 discount.  

*Port charges, taxes & fees of $357  are not included.

Prices are per person, based on double occupancy.

There is a $350 per person deposit due at registration which will secure your price and availability.

Travel Information

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Travel Information


With so much to do onboard, chances are really good that you will just use your cabin for changing and sleeping, but it's nice to know that if you want to spend more time there, you will indeed be comfortable. All standard staterooms are attractively decorated in soft tones with fine light woods and two pieces of artwork on the walls. Each stateroom has two beds that convert to queen-size, a private bath, phone, interactive flat-screen TV, mini-bar, hair dryers and air conditioning/heat controls. Bathrooms are on the small side, but functional, and showers have those wonderful, half-round sliding doors as opposed to clingy curtains. Soap and shampoo are also provided.

Travel to and from Destination

You will be responsible for getting to and from the ship.


You can see what the cruise line suggests for dress code while on the ship here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com


Gratuities are a part of your cruise expense and will be collected by Stitchin' Heaven. This fee covers everyone who serves you while you are onboard including all onboard staff, dining staff, and your cabin steward. Stitchin' Heaven Travel will then pay these gratuities for our entire group prior to sailing.  Therefore, you will be charged $101.50 for gratuities at the time of final payment. Please be aware that an additional gratuity is automatically added to bar tabs. We encourage you to add additional tip for superior service.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not included, but is available for your protection from Royal Caribbean in the form of their Travel Protection Program. The cost varies by room type and cruise and both cabin-mates must purchase it separately. In the event insurance is used please be aware that it covers the cost of the cruise only. Sewing package fees are not refunded.

**Insurance fee are due in full when you choose to add it to your reservation

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

The cruise ship companies have worked diligently with the CDC and government officials in order to continue cruising from the US. Our commitment is to provide an enjoyable event with the utmost safety to our guests. Ship protocols will need to be observed at all times and are subject to change at Royal Caribbean’s discretion. These protocols are changing quickly so please check the Royal Caribbean website for the most current information.


Call for Price