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What is an Advanced Quilter? The advanced quilter is someone we all love to learn from. They have probably been sewing for many years and have mastered a few different techniques. An advanced quilter probably has one or two styles of quilting that they prefer, but they know they prefer that style after many years of trial and error. This quilter may design their own patterns or even teach classes and retreats. Not much stumps this quilter. They have tried it all! 

The Advanced Quilter has mastered many techniques, but here are a few things they have definitely mastered: 

  • Have probably been sewing so long that they may not remember when they started!
  • Can complete their quilt from start to finish (quilting included), but some may still choose to send off to be longarmed.
  • Speaks fluent quilter. They know all the terms and abbreviations. An excellent source of knowledge for a beginning quilter!
  • At this point, this quilter is probably only taking most classes to be with other quilters. They probably already know the technique that is being taught.
  • Is an expert at combining fabrics and has a good eye for color.
  • Experienced with all types of fabric. May even design fabric of their own!
  • Enjoys sharing the tips and tricks they learned on their sewing journey.
  • May enjoy teaching classes to other quilters.
  • Can now sew just about anything that is put in front of them. No quilting technique is too hard for them to attempt. They have mastered many different techniques and found some that are their favorites.
Taos Quilt Pattern
Ladies of the Sea Full Pattern Set
The Vintage Spool - Haunted Hexie Quilt Pattern
Bed of Roses - Complete Pattern Set
Chain Gang - Flowers, stars, and Chains - Complete Pattern Set

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