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Calm Waters

Dive into the whimsical world of the deep ocean with Calm Waters, a stunning fabric collection designed by Bernadett Urbanovics for Figo Fabrics. Featuring a gender-neutral color palette of navy, gold, and beige, this collection is the perfect addition to any modern nursery or home decor project. The intricate designs feature a variety of plants and animals of the ocean, from elegant seahorses to playful dolphins and serene sea turtles. With its calming colors and soothing patterns, Calm Waters is perfect for creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere in any space. Whether you're creating a baby blanket or a piece of wall art, this collection is sure to inspire your creativity and transport you to the depths of the sea.
Figo - Calm Waters - Whales Cream
Figo - Calm Waters - Anchors Blue
Figo - Calm Waters - Map Blue Multi

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