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Di Ford- Hall

Di Ford-Hall

Di Ford-Hall’s quilting career began in 1980 with her first patchwork class. In early 1982 she began working at “Primarily Patchwork” in Canterbury, Melbourne, one of the two quilt shops in Melbourne at that time. In a few months she was managing the shop, and, in August 1982 she purchased the business. For the next 24 years she was the owner/manager, teacher and designer of antique and classic quilts. In 2014 her quilts were displayed in a special Australian exhibit at the Houston Quilt Festival. It was at this time she met with Kathy Hall from Andover Fabrics which started the discussions about her first fabric range.
Di Ford-Hall is a designer for Andover Fabrics and her collections include Anne's English Scrapbox, Chesapeake, and Cloverdale House. 
Andover - Anne's English Scrapbox - Climbing Vine Teal
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Andover - Cloverdale House - Wavy Dot Floral Green
Andover - Anne's English Scrapbox - Spades Gold
Anne's English Scrapbox - Tulips - Red
Anne's English Scrapbox - French Garden Moss
$7.00 Regular price $11.95

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