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New Worlds

Introducing 'New Worlds' – Rob Appell's Exclusive Fabric Collection at Benartex Fabrics. This exquisite collection comprises nine distinct fabrics, each boasting three unique geometric prints in vibrant, versatile color palettes. Ideal for patchwork, appliqué, and EPP projects, thanks to its hexagonal repeat pattern. Immerse yourself in the innovative realm of fabric design, guided by Rob Appell's unwavering passion.
New Worlds - Pangea Caribe
New Worlds - 9 Piece Fat Quarter Bundle
New Worlds - Mauritius Lime
New Worlds - Mauritius Orange
New Worlds - Mauritius Lemon
New Worlds - Pangea Amethyst
New Worlds - Pangea Cerulean
New Worlds - Bermuda Cadmium Red
New Worlds - Bermuda Purple
New Worlds - Bermuda Kelly Green
Precut! New Worlds Bird of Paradise Quilt Kit
Precut! New Worlds Double Tumbler Quilt Kit
Precut! New Worlds Dazzling Dots Quilt Kit
New Worlds - Modish Kit

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