Have you seen the beautiful quilts that have the seemingly impossible piecing of star points and arcs? I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself, “I could never do that?”

    Well, thanks for a family owned business called Quiltworx, the measuring and precision piecing is all done for you and all you have to do follow the directions and sew on the line!!

    Judy Niemeyer is behind Quiltworx which is located in Kalispell, Montana.

    It has been a family owned and operated business since 1996. They first created patterns to assist Judy in teaching a new technique in her quilting classes. This technique is commonly referred to as paper piecing.

    By using her technique, even quilters with minimal piecing experience can create intricate and complex heirloom quilts.

    While the company is basically a pattern company, the roots of the company are still focused on the process that Judy wanted to teach her students.

    Every effort made by their company is focused on supporting this process. This support begins in the basic design of each of their patterns, the development and/or refining of the basic techniques used to complete the projects, and the development of an international network of certified instructors and shops that have the ability and understanding to teach the overall process.
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