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About First Saturday

Whether you're a fresh face in the world of quilting or a seasoned pro with a stack of quilts under your belt, we're extending a super warm invitation your way. Circle the first Saturday of each month starting from January because that's when the magic happens right here at our store! We're talking about an inside scoop on the most fantastic stuff, from brand-new arrivals to exciting upcoming classes and events that'll have you buzzing. Come solo, bring a buddy, or round up a whole quilting squad – we're here to help you set those creative vibes on fire!

The $5 First Saturday Quilt Program

Stripes - 1/2

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A Very Coriander Christmas

Let's zoom in on our star attraction – the "A Very Coriander Christmas" quilt by the fabulous Corey Yoder. Picture this: three amazing color palettes: Christmas, Patriotic, and Reproduction. And that's not all! The pattern book also comes with a fabulous bonus quilt pattern called Season of Stars. All of this quilting goodness can be yours for just $26.95, and when it's all done, your quilt will stretch a generous 72.5” x 93.5”.

A Very Coriander Christmas - Christmas Version


A Very Coriander Christmas Patriotic Version


A Very Coriander Christmas Reproduction Version


Ready to dive into the 1st Saturday Quilt Program? Just chip in $5 to get the party started. Oh, and don't forget to grab your very own copy of the "A Very Coriander Christmas by Corey Yoder" pattern book for $26.95. We'll need a credit card on file to keep things smooth sailing – just in case you can't make it to a meet-up or miss a block. If that happens, no sweat! There's just a small fee of $5.00 for the block.

Now, you've got options: we'll either save your block, or you can bring your finished block to our first Saturday shindig in February, and guess what? You'll walk away with the next block totally on the house! And to ensure your quilt is a star, we've got a special finishing kit with all the trimmings – sashing borders and binding, the whole shebang.

NOTE: Things happen. We hope you don't have to miss a session. But if you do miss it, please understand that there will be a charge of $5 for that month's block. You are able to sign up for more than one First Saturday however, only the first one will be free.  Another reason $5 is such a great deal!

But wait, there's more to look forward to than just quilting awesomeness! Think free quilt blocks, jaw-dropping show 'n' tell moments, snazzy door prizes, and some delightful monthly deals. Our only ask? Be there on time (pretty please!) and let your quilting spirit run wild during the session. Oh, and just before we wrap things up, we'll hand out the next month's quilt block kits like they're hot.

We're excited to get to know you better and share this incredible quilting journey. So, mark those calendars and get ready for a quilting extravaganza!

The Perks

- Participants will receive a punch card offering a 10% discount during First Saturday.

- Each customer is entitled to one punch card, eligible for a total of 12 punches.

- Discounts apply to full-price and in-stock items, with certain exclusions.

The 2024 Schedule

January 6

February 3

March 2

April 6

May 4

June 1


July 6

August 3

September 7

October 5

November 2


The Fine Print

- Participants are required to pay a $5 registration fee upon registration.

- Attending the presentation on First Saturday entitles participants to receive one block for free each month.

- Participants may acquire additional blocks by paying the $5 fee for each extra block.

- Registration requires providing credit card information; non-collected blocks are charged on the Tuesday following the First Saturday program.

- Cancellation from the program can be requested by calling (903)760-7397 or emailing

- Blocks will be available exclusively in-store; mailing is not an option.

Register In Store Today!

Please reserve your spot by November 15, 2023

NOTE: Our $5 Quilt Program is reserved for our local customers only and we cannot offer these perks in a mail order program.

-The Stitchin' Heaven Gang