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I was sorry to see this cruise end. Such beautiful scenery,great sewing classes, good friends. And I did not have to cook, clean or go grocery shopping. Is this heaven or what?
~ Gloria B.

I loved this tour. My mom and I thoroughly enjoyed the bus tour and all the sites we were able to see. We had a blast at the Quilt show!
~ Jenny B.

Excellent trip; well-planned, well-organized; price was reasonable; highly recommend.
~ Jill A.

Such a great trip. Everything is planned out so well. Just a very easy, fun, exciting trip.
~ Vickie

If you are thinking about taking a Cruise - I suggest you contact Stitchin' Heaven Travel.
~ Mary Lou D.


Great trip - lots of fun - looking forward to planning another one!
~ Anne W.

This was my second cruise with Stitchin' Heaven Travel. Everything was well organized and very well run.
~ Roberta S.

This is the first trip of this kind that I have ever taken and am already saving to take another! Our "bus moms" Sandra and Nancy were beyond great! The value of the experience, tours, accommodations, etc were well worth the price of the trip!
~ Linda A.


It is always such a pleasure to travel with Stitching heaven travel. I have made new friends and look forward to spending time with them again on my next quilting cruise.
~ Lee B.

The projects on the cruise were awesome! I was able to complete two of them while on board. The staff and teachers were great! This was our 3rd trip with Stitchin' Heaven and can't wait to go again! We had so much fun!
~ Thomasine H.

The Batik 2015 trip exceeded my expectations and I would definitely consider another cruise, possibly within the next two years with Stitchin' Heaven Travel! I will also want to invite a few friends to enjoy the experience with again.
~ Martha S.


The best quilting friends, great teachers and support staff to make it a wonderful experience.
~ Shari M.

Great people were met; what a wonderful, friendly group to have been a part of!!
~ Beth S.

First time to travel with Stitchin Heaven and looking forward to many more trips. Had a great time traveling with my friend I met at college in 1966.
~ Lois H.

This was my first cruise and obviously first quilt cruise, now I can't imagine doing a cruise without quilting! I loved it!
~ Linda H.

Just do it - it's a wonderful trip.
~ Carol B.

Superb quilting cruise. Very well organized, super friendly. Highly recommend.
~ Lonna R.

Come join us...you'll have a hoot!
~ Stephanie K.

If you want a fun cruise, check out Stitchin' Heaven! They are organized, think of everything, and bring in great teachers. And provide laser cut kits so we are ready to sew.
~ Judy S.


That's 3 trips under my 'sewing machine'. Headed for numbers 4 and 5!
~ Sandy W.

I had a great time and a great first cruise.
~ Ramona H.

Great organisation and support to make an incredible trip with new friends
~ Lee

This trip met and exceeded all of my expectations. Ship was wonderful, plenty to do when not in class. Instructors and staff were friendly, funny and totally in tune with the group experience.
~ Jean F.


Stitchin Heaven Travel lives up to its promise of "A trip of a lifetime" It was amazing
~ Lou Ann

Stitchin' Heaven Travel is the absolute best from start to finish! Cannot even imagine cruising with any other group/company.
~ Darsie G.

Great experience and every quilter should be so lucky to experience this once.
~ Monica B.

The most frequent question I heard from fellow quilters at home was "How much sewing time did you actually have?" I am so pleased to be able to say that there was lots of sewing time because the room was always accessible. That was a huge plus for me. I appreciated the knowledge of the S' H staff about the other aspects of the trip I.e. Boat details (where to eat) and port details.
~ Christine C.


Great cruise to Canada with the Debbie's. It was super fun! Thanks. 
~ Ann G.

My sister and I had a wonderful time, and I finished! 
~ Marra-Lynn R

Thanks for a wonderful trip with fantastic teachers and lots of great helpers and many new friends.

~ Jennie

The fact that we had access to the sewing area 24 hours a day and that most of our time was spent stitching and not listening to lectures or watching Trunk shows as have heard other say happens on many quilt cruises. We had the opportunity to do all three quilts and did not have to pick and choose which ones we wanted to create. 
~ Karen


Great having the rooms open 24/7. Staff was wonderful. 
~ Mary K.

Had a wonderful time! 
~ Mary B.

I again want to tell you how much Shannon & I enjoyed the classes and I look forward to doing it again soon. Your crew and the ship's crew made an otherwise uncomfortable situation (with the walker) a pleasant experience. The quilt that I won, made by the gals at Stitchin Heaven has been the hit of my Golden Needles Quilt Guild and friends! 
~ Markey

Thanks for all you help and patience. I had a great time and am looking forward to future trips with y'all! 
~ Mary

What a great trip...met so many wonderful ladies and men....ready to cruise again! 
~ Phyllis

As this was my first cruise, I did not know what to expect. I did not understand that the word legacy meant Civil war reproduction prints and colors of fabric so I did not like the colors but the teachers were fabulous! I learned a lot and was able to decompress from a high stress, high tension job. I am anxiously waiting to sign up for another of your cruises out of Galveston. I wish I were able to take cruises from other ports but since I cannot I look forward to another cruise from Galveston. My experience was so good with your classes I will sign up for more. 
~ Sally


Oh my gosh, what a GREAT time that cruise was!!! Having never been on one, I had no idea what to expect and boy oh boy, was I ever blown away.Dana, you made everything on the ship go so smoothly. I truly did not hear one word of complaint from anyone about anything. You explained to everyone what we should expect, you told us just what to do and how to do it, and you were right there to make sure everything was exactly as it should be. Thank you!Deb, you took a chance on us longarmers and I appreciate it so much. If you ever want to do another longarm cruise, please put me on the top of your list of people to call because I would do this again in a heartbeat. The organization of all the details was fantastic, everything ran like clockwork. I vote we put you in charge of running all of the quilt shows from now on.Clay, you did a great job of making sure all of the trains ran on time. Thank you! It can't be easy doing your job, with everyone always asking you a million questions, but you made sure we all got where we needed to go and you made it look easy. Would you please come over here and organize my life?Thanks again for a fantastic week. I have nothing but praise for Stitchin' Heaven and I won't hesitate to let everyone know how happy I was with my experience. ~ Kimmy


It was all wonderful. Met many new quilters & was able to get to know the instructors on a more personal level. 
~ SuzzetteI won't quilt cruise with anyone else. It would make no sense. You all are the best at quilting travel and take quite seriously ensuring a great experience for your customers. 
~ Rhonda GMy first ocean cruise and it was quite satisfactory. Not sure cruising is my "thing" but I'm really glad I did it. Not a negative thing to say. You're a wonderful group! 
~ Eileen H.


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