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Land Ahoy Quilting Cruises FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cancellation policy? On behalf of the entire Stitchin’ Heaven family, we want to ensure you that your safety and health remain a top priority to us. We know that booking a vacation during this time of travel restrictions and general uncertainty can feel risky. To help alleviate those concerns, we have adopted a new worry free cancellation policy. If you need to, you can cancel your Land Ahoy Trip and receive a full refund up to 90 days before your scheduled trip.

How were the hotels selected in each location for the event? We researched numerous hotels in each location until we narrowed it down to a select few. We personally visited each of the hotels that have been selected to insure heightened sanitation protocols, friendly staff, plenty of ballroom space, and exceptional accommodations. 

What kind of sanitation protocols can I expect to find at hotel that was selected for the event? We personally visited each of the hotels that have been selected to insure heightened sanitation protocols were being followed. We want you to have confidence that you will have a safe and healthy experience (except maybe for the cookies and chocolate you will consume!) 

Is a face mask required during while in the conference rooms at the hotel? At each hotel we have ample space in large ballrooms to provide recommended distancing. Wearing of face masks is optional in the classroom and on our excursion but will be required in the hotel if wearing of facemasks in the public areas is required by the hotel. In addition, there will be sanitization stations positioned throughout the hotel and the conference center areas.

Why did you choose the teachers and projects that are offered? We have been doing quilting cruises since 2010 and have an excellent faculty of instructors that we have worked with over the years. Projects are selected with both difficulty and popularity in mind. We want you to leave feeling accomplished with a completed project.

Is a hotel stay required? I live nearby and would like to attend just the sewing portion of the event. Unfortunately, the hotel stay is included in the price as we must commit a certain number of hotel guests in order to contract for the conference center space. You are welcome to not stay at the hotel but there would be no discounted rate since we must pay for your room whether or not you are there. In addition, you will miss so much of the experience if you don't stay the entire time. Much of our fun will happen in the evenings.

How many quilters will be at each location? Since this is our first attempt to offer this kind of event and since we feel we need to control the percentage of the room that is crowded we comfortably set our maximum number of quilters at 60 guests.  Based on the size of space we have been allotted we feel this is a good number for those who want to practice social distancing.

When is the Welcome Reception? We will have a welcome reception with light snacks and cocktails on Sunday evening. Further details including time and location will be emailed prior to each event. 

Can I use my FCC from the cruise that was cancelled by Royal Caribbean? How does that work? The FCC for the cruise portion from your cancelled cruise belongs to Royal Caribbean. However, the portion that you paid that was above your cruise fare, fees, taxes, and gratuities for the sewing portion of your cruise can be applied to Land Ahoy. Each reservation is different so please email Amy at events@stitchinheaven.com and she can discuss the details with you. 

What time do classes start? Classes will begin at 9AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will be "free sewing" days where you can continue to sew on your project or on any other project you might want to bring. Instructors and/or Stitchin' Heaven staff will be on hand to assist and answer questions. You are welcome to sew in the conference center area until midnight each night except for Saturday when the conference center room will close at 2:00PM so we can pack up to leave. 

What time is the event over? Our Land Ahoy Quilting cruise will end on Saturday at 2PM in the classroom. At this time we ask that you be packed up and leave the conference center so we can begin taking down our equipment. Room checkout is the following morning.

Are all meals included? Arranging for meals at a hotel is very expensive and this event would be cost prohibitive if we included food contracted through the hotel. We have arranged for a minimum of 3 breakfast and 4 lunches for our class and excursion days (more in some locations). All of our locations have excellent dining options at the hotel and very close by and some of our hotels have even arranged food trucks to come to the hotel each evening in order to provide an economical dinner option.  

Can you find me someone to share a room with? Absolutely! When you register simply choose "Single looking for a roommate" and we match you with someone. We send out a "get to know one another" email to each of you so you can talk and then let us know if you feel you are a good match. We do this all the time and we know so many of our frequent travelers that we are pretty good at this. The first step, however, is to REGISTER! 

What form of transportation is best to get to the hotel? Depending on your location, you may decide to drive or fly. If you drive, we have worked out some discounted parking agreements with the hotels. If you fly, your best option might be an Uber or Lyft, a shuttle, or hotel transportation (when provided). 

What are the advantages of this land option vs the cruise option? These land cruises have no muster drill, no passport required, less taxes and fees, no additional gratuities, larger accommodations, and are located in some amazing locations with so much to do. The sewing space is much larger.  If an emergency arises, you can simply leave which is not the case on a ship. You have the option to leave whenever you want to walk or to drive to nearby attractions. On a cruise you cannot visit local quilt shops in the area because there aren’t any or they are not of the quality we have grown to appreciate in the USA.

Am I getting anything with the land option that I would not get with the cruise option? In the price of your Land Ahoy ticket you will be included in our Thursday Adventures - an excursion in a luxury motorcoach to local quilt shops and attractions indigenous to the area.  On Fun Friday, each teacher will present a small project and the supplies for those projects are included. In addition, you will be getting a SHAG (Stitchin' Heaven Amazing Gifts) bag as your special gift instead of us offering door prizes. An event t-shirt as well as a nice canvas tote bag is included. These are both different than the ones we provide on the cruises. 

Can I sew on anything or do I have to sew on the projects provided? As we tell our guests on the cruises, this is YOUR trip so you do whatever YOU want. However, you might consider that you are paying for the instruction. We do have optional fabric kits available for purchase with the fabric pre cut for you but you are welcome to bring your own fabric. Just be sure you bring it pre cut and that you purchase the pattern. 

    Will Stitchin' Heaven go back to offering Cruisers through Royal Caribbean?    Absolutely! We plan to continue offering our famous cruises as soon as it is safe to do so. Keep watching our website for updated information as it becomes available. We plan on having our Land Cruises and our Sea Cruises continue to be fun adventures for many years to come.


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