7-Night Alaska Cruise

Quilting in the Glaciers Alaska Cruise 2024

Aboard Royal Caribbean's "Ovation of the Seas"

Seattle, Washington

Juneau, Alaska

Skagway, Alaska

Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier

Victoria, British Columbia


Day 1  Seattle, Washington

Day 2  Quilting Classes

Day 3  Juneau, Alaska

Day 4  Skagway, Alaska

Day 5  Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier

            Quilting Classes

Day 6  Cruising - Fun Day At Sea

Day 7  Victoria, British Columbia

Day 8  Seattle, Washington


August 16 - 23, 2024

Set sail on an extraordinary quilting and cruising experience with Stitchin' Heaven on this 7-night Alaska Cruise! Immerse yourself in the wisdom of quilting maestros Raija Salomaa and Charisma Horton for an unforgettable journey of creativity against the stunning backdrop of Alaska. Join us for a unique blend of quilting and adventure, where the beauty of the cruise complements the artistry of quilting.


Dear Quilting Friends,

We are delighted to extend an invitation for you to embark on a unique quilting journey like no other: the Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier Quilting Expedition! Prepare yourself for an extraordinary adventure where you'll be surrounded by awe-inspiring natural wonders as we explore the magnificent Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, alongside other remarkable destinations such as Seattle, WA, Juneau, AK, Skagway, AK, and Victoria, British Columbia.

Our exceptional voyage will be aboard the luxurious cruise ship, the Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas, providing you with unparalleled comfort as we delve into Alaska's majestic glaciers, wildlife, and charming towns. Guided by esteemed quilting instructors Raija Salomaa and Charisma Horton, you'll have the incredible opportunity to learn from these masters while creating stunning quilts inspired by our captivating journey.

But wait, there's more! Throughout the cruise, you'll also have exclusive access to immersive quilting workshops and classes, allowing you to refine your skills and connect with fellow quilting enthusiasts from around the globe. Indulge in delectable cuisine, captivating entertainment, and lavish amenities aboard the Ovation of the Seas, ensuring an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Seize this extraordinary chance to merge your passion for quilting with an unparalleled expedition through the breathtaking landscapes of Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier. Secure your place on the Quilting in the Glaciers Cruise through Alaska today and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime journey!

All the best,

- Deb Luttrell, Owner - Stitchin' Heaven

If you have never been on a quilting cruise you have missed a real treat! Since 2010 Stitchin' Heaven Travel has offered quilt-related cruises and motor coach tours to literally hundreds of satisfied guests. See reviews from our happy travelers here.

Quilting Instructors & Projects

Raija Salomaa

Raija's journey began in the charming town of Eno, nestled in the serene landscapes of Eastern Finland. Born and raised there, she developed a passion for sewing from an early age. Little did she know that her path would lead her to the United States, where she would encounter the love of her life and her true quilting calling.

While pursuing her studies in the US, Raija crossed paths with her soul mate, who would become her lifelong partner. Together, they have the joy of raising two wonderful daughters who have grown into adulthood with pride.

Although Raija had been an avid sewer since her elementary school days, quilting was a world that remained unknown to her until she set foot in the States. From the moment she laid eyes on her first quilt, it was a magical encounter that sparked an everlasting love affair.

Driven by an insatiable desire to express her creativity through quilt pattern design, Raija embarked on her journey as a quilt pattern designer in 2004. This marked the birth of her esteemed pattern company, Quilters' Treasure Chest. Since then, her exceptional designs have garnered recognition and graced the pages of numerous national publications. Raija's talent extends further as she creates unique quilt patterns tailored for specific fabric companies, showcasing her versatility and artistic flair.

In her pursuit of perfection, Raija has developed a fondness for tools that enhance accuracy and efficiency in quilting. As a certified Studio 180 Design instructor, she not only creates beautiful patterns but also imparts her knowledge and skills to others. Raija finds joy in sharing her expertise through captivating lectures at guilds and teaching engaging classes. Continuously striving for innovation, she constantly discovers new and distinctive methods to help her students achieve outstanding results.

Currently, Raija resides in the picturesque northwest corner of Arkansas, where she draws inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her. To explore Raija's extraordinary quilt patterns and uncover the treasures of her artistic creations, visit her website at www.quilterstreasurechest.com. There, you will discover a world of exquisite designs waiting to be brought to life with needle and thread.

Taku River

Taku River is a delightful, yet surprisingly easy and quick quilt to make! It will surely become one of your favorite quilt patterns to go to when you need a lovely quilt in a hurry! The pattern comes in three sizes, giving you a chance to make a quilt for every occasion when you get back home! This quilt will surely become one of the much-loved keepsakes adorning your home and reminding you of your wonderful Alaskan adventure!

Finished Size: 55" x 72"

3.5 yards of coordinated backing fabric will be needed.

NOTE: If you choose to provide your own fabric you will need the Taku River pattern.

Charisma Horton

Charisma Horton is a highly acclaimed and award-winning professional in the world of longarm quilting. With her exceptional skills as a longarm quilter, she has earned a well-deserved reputation as a master of her craft. Not only is Charisma a renowned quilter, but she is also a prolific pattern designer and valued contributor to various magazines within the quilting community.

In the realm of design, Charisma's artistic repertoire knows no bounds. From charming and folksy hand embroidery designs to bold and vibrant modern creations, her portfolio encompasses a diverse range of styles. One of Charisma's unique talents lies in her ability to infuse traditional blocks with a fresh and contemporary appeal, using the power of color to breathe new life into timeless designs.

With an impressive collection of over 350 published patterns on her own website, www.charismascorner.com, Charisma has left an indelible mark on the quilting world. Her innovative and captivating patterns have delighted quilters worldwide, inspiring them to embark on their own creative journeys. Furthermore, her exceptional talent has been recognized and celebrated in approximately 100 esteemed publications, solidifying her position as a true luminary within the industry.

Nestled in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, Charisma calls this picturesque region her home. When she's not immersed in the art of quilting or passionately designing in her little pink barn, she finds solace and joy in the tranquility of her garden. With a touch of whimsy, she revels in her role as a "crazy chicken lady," cherishing her time spent in the company of her beloved flock. Exploring the scenic outdoors with her loyal canine companions and indulging in the culinary arts are also among Charisma's cherished pastimes.

Charisma Horton embodies the essence of creativity and passion within the quilting community. Her exceptional talents as a longarm quilter, pattern designer, and magazine contributor have left an indelible mark on the industry. To experience the magic of her designs and immerse yourself in her world of quilting, visit her website at www.charismascorner.com. There, you will discover a treasure trove of patterns and inspiration, reflecting Charisma's boundless imagination and unwavering dedication to her craft.

Starberry Jam

Discover the enchanting beauty of Starberry Jam, a captivating quilt that embraces the versatility of strips. With its timeless design featuring a traditional star nestled within an effortlessly striped block, this quilt combines elegance with simplicity. It provides a wonderful opportunity to hone your star point skills while achieving a swift finish through its user-friendly setting.

Measuring an inviting 72 inches by 84 inches, Starberry Jam offers a generous size that is perfect for snuggling. The strip-friendly nature of Starberry Jam opens up a world of possibilities. The carefully crafted combination of stripes and stars creates a visual symphony that will capture the attention of any quilting enthusiast.

As you work on Starberry Jam, you'll not only cultivate your quilting skills but also savor the satisfaction of bringing a timeless design to life. The carefully selected fabrics and precise piecing techniques will result in a quilt that radiates charm and craftsmanship.

Finished Size: 72" x 84"

5.5 yards of coordinated backing fabric will be needed.

NOTE: If you choose to provide your own fabric you will need the Starberry Jam pattern.

Optional Sail 'n Sew Fabric Pack

Our incredible Sail 'n Sew fabric pack includes all of the fabrics and patterns for your projects and they are pre-cut so all you need to do is sit down and sew! The price of the Sail ‘n Sew fabric pack is $295.00 and it includes precut fabric for the quilt top for both projects including the borders, binding and pattern.  

If you are interested in only one of the kits, you can specify which one on the registration form when you sign up for the cruise. If you would like a Sail ‘n Sew pack, simply select both kits when you fill out the registration form and we'll have it waiting for you on the ship.

If you do not wish to purchase a Sail 'n Sew Fabric Pack, remember to pack your own fabrics. We will not have fabrics available for purchase aboard the ship. You will need to bring your fabric pre-cut and ready for class. You must also bring your pattern or book. You can purchase the patterns here: Royal River Dance II and Starberry Jam.

Note: View the preliminary 2024 Quilting in the Glaciers Supply List. A finalized supply list will be sent to you 90 days prior to departure. We will not have a store onboard. Please bring all supplies you will need according to the supply list. We suggest you bring an extra project if you feel like you will finish the class projects and need extra sewing.

Click here to see our general quilting supplies recommendations.

Stateroom Pricing is as Follows:

Room Type Price

Interior Stateroom


Oceanview Stateroom


Oceanview w/Balcony Stateroom


*Non-sewing guests will receive a $250 discount. Port charges, gratuities, taxes & fees of $488.66 are not included. Prices are per person, based on double occupancy.

There is a $350 per person deposit due at registration which will secure your price and availability.

This fee includes your cruise fare PLUS all fees to the teachers, a BERNINA sewing machine for the entire cruise, all associated class activities, and classroom support. You may purchase our precut Sail n Sew kit (supplies are limited) or you are welcome to bring your own precut fabric.

Group travel allows us to provide special touches that are not available on an individual reservation. And unfortunately, discounts from Royal Caribbean are not allowed through our group program. In order to take full benefit from everything Stitchin' Heaven offers on our cruises, you must register through Stitchin 'Heaven Travel. If you have questions or need assistance in changing your individual reservation to a group reservation through Stitchin' Heaven Travel, please let us know.