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Rob Appell

Meet Rob Appell, a California native and passionate quilter. He caught the quilt pox while working in his mother's quilt shop, and taught himself to quilt. He's designed fabric for Free Spirit, quilts for Michael Miller, and hosted his own Youtube channel, Sew Well with Rob Appell. Now he's sharing his love of sewing and quilting with Stitchin’ Heaven in Quitman, TX, check it out!

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Beginner Basket Weave Quilt with Rob Appell

Yet another super fun, fast and easy quilt tutorial with Rob Appell

Strips cut at Wide - 3 1/4" x WOF

Background - 1 1/2" x WOF

New Worlds - Designed by Rob Appell

Rob Appell Celebrates 12 Years in Recovery!

I feel that The Lord has called me to share His love and redemption through my story of being a recovering alcoholic. Many will agree that being creative and working with our hands is a key to mental health. I personally know that working with color often brings me out of a dark day. Thanks for allowing me to share my recovery story through my quilting journey. Rob

Arabella Block of the Month 1 with Rob Appell

Arabella Block of the Month by Wing and a Prayer Designs Quilt features stunning jewel tone Batiks from Timeless Treasures Fabrics. Follow along as Rob Appell Guides you through each month, block by block.

Easiest Log Cabin Quilt EVER with Rob Appell

Learn how to make one of the easiest quilt blocks in a very simple and fun format. Rob Appell will instruct you in both the traditional and the free form piecing of this basic block.

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Rob Appell

Photo of Rob Appell running and jumping through a field with a quilt

Hi, my name is Rob Appell. I’m a California native, and it shows—surfing, hiking, and playing the guitar are at the top of my list, when I’m not behind a sewing machine. I have an awesome, supportive family. My wife and two kids are the center of my world. I love teaching people to sew and I’m jazzed to share my passion with you! If you’re wondering how I got started quilting, it all began when I was working in my mother’s quilt shop. I caught the quilt pox and there was no cure! I taught myself to quilt and my personal style emerged. Quilted seascapes became my trademark. After a few years, I started designing fabric for Free Spirit. Not much later, I was designing quilts for Michael Miller’s new fabric releases too. After that I spent four years as the host of the Man Sewing channel. Now I’m on to new adventures with Stitchin’ Heaven in Quitman, TX. I am creating content on their Youtube Channel - Check it out! Sew Well with Rob Appell. It’s been amazing to reach out to all of you and share my love of sewing and quilting.

Thank you for being a part of this wild, creative journey!

Top Videos by Rob Appell: Expert Tips and Tricks for Sewing and Quilting

It is official, Rob Appell has joined the Stitchin' Heaven team, He will be making Videos and Quilts for us all to learn from and enjoy!

Join Rob Appell, retired Sewing Machine Technician, as he walks you through 5 easy ways to improve your relationships with the tools you love.

After many requests, Rob Appell shows us all how to make the amazing Synergy Remix Quilt, this time with the lights on.


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