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Sewing Space Video Submission


Interested in showcasing your Sewing Space? Stitchin' Heaven has a YouTube Channel (https://bit.ly/2CX8y4V) and a series dedicated to promoting Sewing Spaces. If interested please register below to be contacted. The goal of the series is to inspire peoples creativity and perhaps give them ideas to start or complete their own sewing space.

Rules for Submission:

  • 3-5 minute video of you giving a tour of your sewing space.
  • All videos must be filmed in 1080P or better
  • All video must be filmed horizontal 
  • Someone must hold your device and film you giving a tour. You must be in front of the camera. 
  • Review sound and make sure that you will be heard. Use an external mic if possible. 

Register to be contacted

Selected submissions will win $100 Stitchin' Heaven Gift Card.

Example Video: 


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