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Tiffany Hayes

Tiffany declares herself a Quilt Addict! She designs and publishes under the name "Needle In A Hayes Stack". Tiffany and her husband Scott both quilt and enjoy being part of the Stitchin' Heaven Family!

Tiffany & Scott Hayes

Tiffany has a passion for quilting (designing, piecing, hand applique and machine quilting). She has been quilting and teaching for quite a long time.   Her quilts have been featured by numerous publications including Quilter’s World Magazine, Keepsake Quilting and Connecting Threads. Tiffany loves teaching. She works with various fabric companies to create fabric collection-specific quilt patterns. Tiffany has developed The Goddess Tool, The 60º Triangle Tool, The 90º Triangle Tool and has a few more in the works. The Goddess Tool is commonly used in her Block of the Month patterns. Tiffany and Scott (her machine quilting husband) are proud owners of a Handi Quilter Long Arm. Tiffany designs and pieces while Scott works to create digitized machine quilting designs to match her original quilt patterns. Tiffany declares herself a Quilt Addict!

She designs and publishes under the name: Needle in a Hayes Stack.


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From Concept To Quilt

Are you mesmerized by the intricate and stunning digital quilting designs you see online? Have you ever wondered how they are created and brought to life? Now is your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of digital quilting from the experts! Meet Scott and Tiffany Hayes, the dynamic duo behind Needle in a Hayes Stack, as they take you on a journey through the entire design process of creating a beautiful quilt project.

In this video, Scott and Tiffany will be showcasing their latest creation, the "Caribbean Island Vibes" quilt. You will get to witness firsthand how they collaborate and bring their ideas to fruition using various techniques. From concept to quilting it on a longarm machine, they will share all their tips and tricks to help you create your own digital quilting masterpieces.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced quilter, this video is sure to provide valuable insights and inspiration for your next quilting project. Don't miss out on this chance to learn from the best and elevate your quilting game!

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Designer Interviews & Sewing Space

Tiffany Hayes is a talented designer and the creator of the popular brand "Needle in a Hayes Stack." As the "Queen of Ombre," Tiffany is known for her unique and innovative use of color in her designs. Watch the video to learn more about her work.


Join Tiffany Hayes as she gives us a tour of her sewing room.

Today, Deb Luttrell interviews her friend and guest, Tiffany Hayes. Tiffany Hayes is the owner of Needle In A Hayes Stack, the renowned pattern company. Let's get to know a little more about her!

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