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Butterfly Garden Full Pattern Set


Add a touch of nature's beauty to your next quilting project with the Butterfly Garden Full Pattern Set, designed by Leanne's House. This set includes all of the patterns you need to create a stunning quilt filled with fluttering butterflies and lush gardens.

The patterns in this set are expertly designed and crafted, with a focus on detail and precision. Each butterfly is carefully depicted, with delicate wings and intricate markings that bring the garden to life. The gardens themselves are filled with a variety of blooming flowers and leaves, creating a truly beautiful and serene scene.

Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting out, the Butterfly Garden Full Pattern Set is the perfect way to add a touch of natural beauty to your handmade quilts. The patterns are easy to follow and come with clear instructions, so you can get started on your quilt right away.

So why wait? Get your hands on the Butterfly Garden Full Pattern Set today and start creating a quilt that is as beautiful and timeless as the natural world itself!

Finished size of block: 18” x 18” (46cm x 46cm)

Finished size of quilt including borders: 64” x 64”

Designed by Leanne’s House


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