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G. E. Designs - GEasy Ruler Stickers

SKU: GE-1100
Easily removable without residue. Can be reused for marking rulers, cutting mats and more. Make your cutting more accurate, consistent and faster. Sticker arrows in 3 bright colors contrast with different fabrics and cutting mats. Write on the stickers with permanent markers or wet erase pens. Can be used with the Stripology ruler: Use the arrows to mark the slits you are cutting through each time when making multiple cuts. The arrows fit between the slits so they can also be used to quickly identify the markings you need to line up your fabrics or block. Or use with other rulers and templates: Use the arrows to quickly identify the lines you need to use on your ruler. Use different colors for different cuts. Included: 3 sheets, 64 stickers per sheet, One sheet of each color, Turquoise Blue, Pink and Lime Green.

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