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Heavenly Sewing Chair - Premier

Now you can own the only chair in the world that was designed expressly for Sewing Posture. If you enjoy sewing and quilting but end your sewing time with pain and tension in your shoulders, back, and hips then you need the Heavenly Sewing Chair. Sewing while sitting in a position that is not suited to your body frame can cause all types of issues. This brand of chair comes with a level of comfort that is customizeable to your size and preferences.
This is our most popular chair model. These chairs are so well made and so comfortable that many of our customers have purchased a second one for a home office and computer chair. Other customers have called to tell us they find the chair great for scrapbooking, game rooms, watching TV, and even fly tying! Any time you want maximum comfort and personal fit; this is the right chair.

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