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Old Glory - Sweet Land of Liberty Panel

SKU: 5207-11
Hang up the flags and break out the bunting- it's birthday time for the USA! This is a party that can last all summer- so get ready to bedeck your home with stars, stripes, and florals galore. For those who love Americana, you'll love this twist on the classic color scheme: red, white, and blue - with a bit of silver to make those colors pop! Add a little sparkle to your stash with a few new quilts... Hang them on the walls, put them on the beds, and bring them along for all the picnics, parades, and firework snuggles. Three cheers for the Old Glory collection by Lella Boutique - an ode to the sweet land of liberty. This Sweet Land of Liberty panel is 36" x 44". 100% Cotton

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