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Storyboard - Storyteller Frost

Every artist is a storyteller and each creation is a chapter. With each new artwork by a maker, their own unique story unfolds. Storyboard, my first collection with Freespirit, tells my story. It reflects my journey as an artist, in all its layers. The collection pulls images from work I have made over time and therefore is a snapshot of my creative evolution. The designs are representative of the core elements of my work, which is typically abstract, textural, grungy and distressed, colorfully muted, deeply layered, and filled with text- used as both a design element and an expression of meaning. Storyboard represents my beliefs that more is more, the littlest detail makes the biggest impact, there is beauty in the imperfections, and you are always only one layer away from magic. ~ Seth Apter on his new collection, Storyboard from FreeSpirit Fabrics. 100% Cotton, 44" Wide.

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