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Deb Luttrell

Hey everyone! Welcome to Sew Special Sewing Spaces. I am Deb Luttrell, owner of Stitchin' Heaven so I guess it is logical that I would show my sewing space first. I am very fortunate to have a space that is a building all to its own and not a part of my home. I built this 1000 square foot "cabin" (20' x 50') in 2015 as a place where I could get away and spend hours of quality time sewing. Often I get the question "With all the cruises you do and your time running a quilt shop, do you find time to sew?" and I can proudly say "Yes, I do sew!" I found many years ago that it is all about priorities. The cool thing about building a place to sew is that you can do whatever you want in it. I'd love to share this video with you to show you around my place.
This is my main man, Jack. He is a Shih Tzu born in 2013 and is my constant companion. He loves keeping me company when I am in the cabin sewing.
This is one of the best things in my sewing space - a ruler rack where I can keep my rulers organized. It is a simple curtain rod and the little cheap silver curtain rods (don't get the big plastic ones!). Before I had this system my rulers were all over the place and I often found I had more than one of the same thing. Now I am ultra-organized.
But not so organized when it comes to rotary cutters. Can someone please tell me how many rotary cutters is too many? Jeez.
...and the same goes for pin cushions. Can you EVER have too many?
I am fortunate that there is enough space in my cabin for some workout equipment. Like everyone else I don't spend nearly enough time in this space but it is there when the weather is yucky and I can't get out and walk. 
I have a few collections/neat things in my sewing space. These 3 cows were from a program we ran years ago around the Cow Parade where I designed a quilt block to "match" the cow. They are a fun memory of that time.
My little toy sewing machines are also a joy. Warning: collecting toy sewing machines is addictive!
Do you know what this is? Probably from 1930's it is a department store shuttle/needle case. Back then when you needed a shuttle for your machine or new needles, you would go down to the department store and this would be on the counter. You spin the arrow to point to where your sewing machine brand is, open the slot, and voila! Your shuttle/needle was in the wooden case. This one is FILLED with old shuttle and needle wooden tubes. It is really cool.

Well...I hope you got some ideas and enjoyed the tour of my little slice of heaven. I would love to hear about your sewing space so leave a comment below! 
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Karen Thew

Hi Deb, thank you for sharing you space. I enjoyed seeing the other quilters studios also. I now have some great ideas to improve my area.

Carolyn Nannery

Where’s all your fabric stored? Love the space but how do you hid your stash?

Linda Kaufmann

Hi Deb, I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed the recent Patchwork Express. The minor kinks at the beginning were certainly not your fault or responsibility (and it was a very minor issue in the grand scheme of things). I met some really nice people and we went to some really great shops but Stitchin’ Heaven is still my favorite. I will definitely go again.

Barbara Ione Delarwelle

Thank you Deb for showing ‘your space’. I absolutely love your little cabin, so cute. You can leave home without actually leaving. The curtain rod for your rulers, so simple yet who would of thought…not many of us until now that is.


loved your shop in Quitman. Now living on the west coast so dont get to see y’all anymore. buttttt…
Have a Happy day.

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