Fall 2018 Retreat - October 25-28, 2018


Join our group of happy campers each Spring and Fall for a fun-filled weekend of quilting and relaxing.  It's where friends are made one stitch at a time!

Your buddies from Stitchin' Heaven will be on hand to counsel you through all the ups and downs of camplife -- you know, the sewing foot.  And they will lead you in all the camp song favorites like "I Like to Eat" and "Make New Friends" and of course, "The Hokey Pokey," when you need to stay awake so you can finish that last quilt block.

Timberline Camp & Conference Center is nestled in a secluded area on the outskirts of Lindale with lots of beautiful nature to enjoy.  Hidden, quiet and beautiful, you will be happily surprised to find it a short two miles from I-20 and a hop, skip and a jump from the shopping and restaurants in Lindale.

Come early and take advantage of what Lindale has to offer.  Miranda Lambert’s Pink Pistol shop, Love & War in Texas restaurant, The Cannery district is located there with lots of wonderful excitement to offer.

What is Camp Quilt S’More?

There is a bonding process that happens when quilters spend quality time with other quilters.  Each of us can sew quietly for hours, the sound of our sewing machine taking our thoughts to a calm place.  For many of us, we are quick to point out that we like where our mind goes when we quilt.  It’s probably why we sew.  Put a whole bunch of us in a room, pedals to the metal, and the room fills with encouragement.

Quilting is an alone hobby, yet it’s certainly not a lonely one.  Many quilters crave sewing time, often finding life has a way of interfering with those plans.  Though many of us sew by ourselves we also find comfort in being in a social sewing circle, something Camp Quilt S-More provides quite nicely.

Women need good women friends.  We need the kind of friends that remind us we are all valuable.  Women who encourage and teach each other, who offer smiles, who aren’t asking anything of each other than to show and share what we might be sewing.  This is a quilt retreat sponsored by Stitchin' Heaven, and if you haven’t experienced it yet you are missing out on making lasting friends.



Timberline Camp offers cozy motel-style rooms to retire to when you're not sewing.  We will be staying in the Dogwood and Willow lodges which are just a short stroll from our sewing room.  Everyone will have their own bed and each room has it's own private bath.  Linens and towels are supplied.

NOTE: The campground is not handicap accessible though most buildings (lodge, sewing room and dining room) are accessible by vehicle with parking areas. If you are able to walk and enjoy the exercise, we encourage you to drop off your luggage and park in the main parking lot so that those who cannot handle the extra walking have plenty of space to park.


Timberline's kitchen and dining room will meet all of our dining needs with full, buffet-style Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners . Drinks (iced-tea, coffee & water) and gratuities are included in rate.



We will be sewing in the Tabernacle; an extra large room with plenty of space for everyone to sew together and have their own table, too!  It will be open for as many hours as you would like to sew.  You are welcome to stay up and sew till the wee hours of the morning, or take a break to enjoy the stars over the lake and catch a few winks before the sun comes up.

Make sure you bring plenty of projects to keep you busy! If you are coming with a group, be sure to let us know everyone in your group on your registration so that we can make sure that you are all seated together in the sewing room.

Be ready to enjoy demonstrations of new, fun, and interesting quilting products. We will plan something fun - materials are included in the package, so just have your machine, and be ready to 'takeaway' some fun.

Quilting Projects & Other Stuff

The goal of Camp Quilt S'more is to provide you with a place where you can sew all you want, while you enjoy some rest and relaxation with friends. Bring your projects from home or stop by the store on your way to the retreat and pick up a new project. It is completely up to you how you spend your time at the retreat.

As always we will have “extras” for you to do and ways for us to add in another touch of fun. Included in each retreat will be:

•  Death By Chocolate Night
•  Product demonstrations and mini-lectures
•  Show ‘n Tell night
•  A Free Takeaway Gift

Don't forget - while you are out here in the beauty of nature, take a moment to enjoy it.  Timberline is truly a gorgeous place with lots of nature to appreciate.



For those of you who enjoy walking, the retreat center has trails that you can walk through and enjoy the scenery. You can view the spectacular private lake, maybe even catch a glimpse of the wild life, breathe in the freshest air and enjoy the spectacular blue skies and wildlife of Texas while you stitch! Spring is a beautiful time in east Texas and if we are in luck some of the dogwood trees and azaleas will still be in bloom! Our many variety of birds will be busy making nests and our flowers will be budding out. Fall is no less wonderful when all the trees turn, becoming a patchwork of gorgeous color.

Sewing Machines

Transporting your machine by car or by air has never been easier with today's machine carrying bags. Sewing on your own machine is preferred, but if you do need to borrow a sewing machine, we have a limited number on hand. Each participant at this retreat will have their own table in the open sewing area. No sharing required! (unless you want to share your chocolate!)


Getting Here

The closest airport is Tyler (Pounds Field) although we are only about 100 miles east of DFW. The flight to Tyler from DFW will add some expense to your trip. Some auto rentals are very inexpensive these days especially if there are multiple people sharing the expense. Let us know if you choose to fly into Tyler and need someone to pick you up there.

Timberline is located just two miles from I-20 in Lindale, so it's a quick drive from the Dallas or Shreveport areas.  If you are stopping in at the shop first, it's just a quick 14 miles up Hwy 69 from Mineola.

Timberline's address is 15363 FM 849, Lindale, TX 75771


One thing we can say about Texas, is if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes because it will change. We recommend casual clothes, comfy shoes, and a light sweater and jacket since sometimes evenings and air conditioning call for a little extra covering. It's a good idea, also to bring along an umbrella and flashlight just in case.

Spring is generally mid-70s during the day, and mid-60s for the nights. At times it is quite warm. In 2007, however it snowed on Easter Sunday!

Early Fall is usually pretty warm around here, with temperatures mid-70s, and sometimes up into the 90s. But, don't underestimate the power of an air conditioner!



$295 Per Person


•  All your vittles for the weekend.
•  A dry place to lay yer head. (double occupancy)
•  Room for finishin' projects. (Everyone gets a table!)
•  A rootin' tootin' good time with friends-old and new!

***Fall 2018 Retreat - October 25-28, 2018***

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Cancellation Policy

No refunds within 60 days of the retreat dates unless a substitute can be found to take your place.