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Camp Quilt S'more

Join us at the Stitchin' Heaven Retreat Center for the
Camp Quilt S'more Quilting Retreat

Hotel-style lodging at our Retreat Center located in the piney woods of East Texas

Brunch and Dinner included

2024 Dates:

October 24-27, 2024

Only $349 Per Person

• Brunch and Dinner for the weekend.
• A dry place to lay yer head. (double occupancy)
• Room for finishin' projects. (Everyone gets a table!)
• A rootin' tootin' good time with friends-old and new!

Balance is due at registration.

Get Ready!

Join us at Camp Quilt S'more for a fun-filled weekend of quilting and relaxing.

It's where friends are made one stitch at a time!

Y'all better saddle up and get ready for the wildest weekend of quilting and kickin' back at Camp Quilt S'more! It's a hootin' and hollerin' good time where friendships are sewn together, one stitch at a time!

Those good ol' boys and gals from Stitchin' Heaven will be right by your side, guidin' ya through all the ups and downs of camp life, just like a trusty sewing foot. And when it's time to get your boots tappin', they'll lead y'all in singin' all them campfire favorites like "I Like to Eat," "Make New Friends," and of course, the legendary "Hokey Pokey" to keep ya wide awake 'til that last quilt block is done.

Now, let me tell ya about the Stitchin' Heaven Retreat Center. It's nestled in the heart of Quitman, a quaint little town that's as picturesque as a Western sunset. You won't believe your eyes when you see how close it is to downtown Quitman, and even better, it's right next door to the Stitchin' Heaven retail store. How convenient is that?

What is the Camp Quilt S'more Retreat?

But what exactly is this Camp Quilt S'more Retreat, you ask? Well, quilting may be a solo pursuit, but it sure ain't a lonesome one. We quilters yearn for that precious sewing time, but life has a knack for gettin' in the way. That's where Stitchin' Heaven Retreats come in, bringin' us all together in a social sewing circle that'll warm your heart like a cozy campfire.

Ladies and gents, we all need good ol' gal pals. The kind of friends who remind us how valuable we are, who lift us up and teach us a thing or two, all while sharin' the joy of sewin'. This here quilt retreat sponsored by Stitchin' Heaven is your ticket to makin' lifelong friends, so don't ya dare miss out on this rootin' tootin' good time!


Y'all gonna love the cozy comforts of our brand spankin' new Retreat Center. It's got its own sewin' room, a kitchen fit for a chuckwagon, and a whole lot more! At the Stitchin' Heaven Retreat Center, we've got hotel-style rooms that'll give ya the perfect place to rest your weary bones after a long day of sewin'. Each room comes with two twin beds and its very own privy. We even provide all them fancy linens and towels, so you don't have to worry 'bout packin' 'em.

Now, if our Retreat Center gets filled up like a corral during a rodeo, don't you fret none. We've got cottages too, just like them little Western cabins. If ya wanna snag yourself a cottage, just give us a holler at 903-760-7397.

When it comes to grubbin', we've got you covered. Our kitchen and dinin' room will satisfy all your belly's desires. Grab a steamin' cup o' joe in the common room or take a load off on the covered porch, where you can soak in the true Piney East Texas experience. We'll rustle up some mighty fine brunch and dinner on each full day of your retreat, but don't be shy to have yourself a potluck breakfast with all them retreaters. We'll even throw in some tasty drinks like iced-tea, coffee, and water, and you won't have to worry 'bout leavin' a tip 'cause it's already included in the rate.

Oh, and one more thing. Our Retreat Center is as friendly as a trusty ol' horse. It's handicap accessible, so folks of all walks of life can come on down and join the fun. Just saddle up and get ready for a retreat experience you won't soon forget!

NOTE: The Retreat Center is handicap accessible.

*Brunch and Dinner only provided on full days. First day dinner only - Last day brunch only

Quilting Projects & Other Stuff

Folks, the aim of this here retreat is to give ya a darn good place to sew your heart out, all while enjoyin' some good ol' rest and relaxation with your pals. Whether ya bring your own projects from home or swing by the store on your way in to grab somethin' new, it's entirely up to you how ya spend your time at the retreat.

Now, let me tell ya 'bout some of the shenanigans we got lined up for ya:

  • We got ourselves a Death By Chocolate Night, where you'll get to indulge in all the sweet, chocolaty goodness your heart desires.
  • We got product demonstrations and mini-lectures, so ya can learn 'bout all the fancy new quilting gadgets and techniques.
  • And don't forget, we got ourselves a good ol' Show 'n Tell night, where ya can show off all them beautiful creations ya done stitched up.

Now, let's talk about the Retreat Center itself. We got an extra large sewin' room, big enough to fit everyone and their grandma. Each of ya will have your own table, so ya can spread out and sew to your heart's content. And the best part? Ya got access to that sewin' room 24/7. So, if ya wanna burn the midnight oil and sew 'til the rooster crows, go right ahead. Or, if ya wanna take a break, go outside, and enjoy the sight of them stars and catch a wink or two, that's mighty fine too.

Make sure ya pack plenty of projects, 'cause trust me, you'll be needin' 'em. We done provided a supply list to give ya some ideas of what to bring. And if ya comin' with a group, let us know when ya register, so we can make sure y'all are seated together in that sewin' room.

And let's not forget 'bout the fresh air, folks. While you out here in the midst of nature's beauty, take a moment to soak it all in. East Texas is a sight to behold, with our magnificent private pond and critters roam'n 'round. Take a deep breath of that pure, crisp air and marvel at them blue skies and wildlife of Texas while you stitch away. And if you happen to visit us in the spring, well, you in for a treat. Them dogwood trees and azaleas might still be bloomin', and in the fall them trees gonna put on a show, turnin' into a patchwork of vibrant colors that'll take your breath away.

So, saddle up, bring your needles and thread, and get ready for a retreat experience that'll leave ya grinnin' like a possum eatin' a sweet potato!

Sewing Machines

Transporting your machine by car or by air has never been easier with today's machine carrying bags. Sewing on your own machine is preferred, but if you do need to rent a sewing machine, we have them available for $50 plus tax (one time charge per event). Each participant at this retreat will have their own table in the open sewing area. No sharing required! (unless you want to share your chocolate!)

Getting Here

The closest airport is Tyler (Pounds Field) although we are only about 100 miles east of DFW. The flight to Tyler from DFW will add some expense to your trip. Some auto rentals are very inexpensive these days especially if there are multiple people sharing the expense. Let us know if you choose to fly into Tyler and need someone to pick you up there.

We are located at 321 Richards St, Quitman, TX 75783

October 24-27, 2024

Only $349 Per Person

• Brunch and Dinner for the weekend.
• A dry place to lay yer head. (double occupancy)
• Room for finishin' projects. (Everyone gets a table!)
• A rootin' tootin' good time with friends-old and new!

Register by September 15, 2024

Balance is due at registration.

What our retreaters are saying:


"It is fun and regardless if you are an older beginner or an advance quilter you will learn and pass your experience on to others. You will not be disappointed."

— Stitchin' Heaven Retreater


"Loved Erin, Amy, and Erika as well as Nancy and Sandy. All amazing people and would definitely travel with them again in the future. The projects were also amazing because I learned something new and challenging."

— Stitchin' Heaven Retreater

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