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2024 Canada & New England Quilting Cruise

Join Stitchin' Heaven for an exceptional 9-night Canada Cruise, where the joy of quilting meets the excitement of cruising! Learn from quilting experts Lori Dickman and April Jaehn as you immerse yourself in the beauty of Canada. Elevate your quilting skills against the scenic backdrop of this incredible journey.
August 29 - September 7, 2024
Cape Liberty, NJ - Boston, MA - Portland, ME - Saint John, New Brunswick (Bay of Fundy) - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Royal Caribbean Liberty Of The Seas


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Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce an extraordinary quilting adventure - a Royal Caribbean cruise to Canada, featuring renowned instructors Lori Dickman and April Jaehn! Join us on this unforgettable 9-night journey aboard the magnificent Liberty of the Seas, where you'll have the privilege of learning from two exceptionally talented teachers.

April Jaehn and Lori Dickman are esteemed figures in the quilting industry, known for their expertise and passion. Throughout the cruise, they will lead engaging lectures and captivating demonstrations, sharing their knowledge, skills, and innovative techniques. Prepare to be inspired and take your quilting prowess to new heights under their guidance.

While the focus of our journey will undoubtedly be quilting, we also invite you to savor the beauty of our enchanting port cities. From the vibrant Cape Liberty, NJ, to the historic charm of Boston, MA, and the picturesque allure of Portland, ME, each destination offers a unique blend of culture, history, and natural wonders. Prepare to be mesmerized as we sail through the majestic Bay of Fundy, arriving at the captivating Saint John, New Brunswick, where the tides dance with nature's rhythm. And finally, we'll anchor at the vibrant coastal city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, known for its rich maritime heritage and warm hospitality.

This cruise promises not only an opportunity for education and growth in quilting but also the chance to form lasting friendships with fellow quilters from all corners of the globe. Embrace the camaraderie, share your passion, and make memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Spaces for this extraordinary quilting expedition are limited, so we encourage you to secure your spot today. Don't miss out on the chance to embark on this remarkable journey with Lori Dickman, April Jaehn, and a community of fellow quilting enthusiasts. Get ready to create, learn, and explore in the company of kindred spirits.

Book your place now and prepare for an unforgettable quilting cruise to Canada!

- Deb Luttrell, Owner - Stitchin' Heaven 

If you have never been on a quilting cruise you have missed a real treat!  Since 2010 Stitchin' Heaven Travel has offered quilt-related cruises and motor coach tours to literally hundreds of satisfied guests. See reviews from our happy travelers here.

How can all this get any better? Here's how!

      • Pre-cruise communication from Stitchin‘ Heaven Travel
      • SHAG Bag (Stitchin' Heaven Amazing Gifts) valued at over $100 including an exclusive cruise shirt
      • Your own dedicated sewing space for the duration of the cruise
      • Optional pre-cut Sail ‘n Sew fabric kits
      • Every quilting guest can take all the classes offered
      • The classroom is open 24/7 for plenty of free time sewing!
      • Premier thread provided for onboard projects
      • Demonstrations of the latest quilting and sewing products
      • Classroom support from Stitchin' Heaven Staff
      • Full-size irons and ironing stations will be available in each classroom
      • Post cruise guest contact list and group photo will be provided
      • A BONUS Grab' n Go project for our Fun Day at Sea
      • Prizes, surprises, and a boatload of fun! 

Plus ... You'll be sewing on a BERNINA 475QE sewing machine!

That's right!  Each quilter will be provided a state-of-the-art BERNINA machine equipped with the extended table and a quarter inch foot.  There's no need to bring your sewing machine all the way from home. Visit the BERNINA website to see the amazing features of this great machine!

Consider bringing a friend, your spouse or your family – non-quilters are always welcome to join us and will have many activities to pursue while you are in class.

We look forward to our next adventure together with you!


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Lori Dickman

Lori Dickman

Playing with fabric and color has been Lori Dickman’s passion since she was a young girl. She began her journey as a “maker” in her early teens sewing her own clothing and then sewing bridal ensembles. However, once she found ‘quilting,’ she absolutely fell in love and hasn’t stopped creating quilts since the mid-1980’s! Although she worked a full-time job as an administrative secretary, she always made sure to fit in ‘quilting’ time whenever possible. She began lecturing and teaching at quilt guilds in 2015. In 2020, Lori retired and has been able to enjoy teaching, designing, lecturing, and quilting on a full-time basis! She also began teaching on YouTube in 2022 so she could share her love of quilting with the quilting world! Lori enjoys lecturing and conducting workshops (virtually & in-person) with quilt guilds across the USA, Canada, and Europe. Her first self-published quilt book entitled, “Speedy Solutions to Cut & Organize Your Scrap Stash!” is copyrighted and available for quilters everywhere on her website (https://quiltingwithlori.com), as well as on Amazon (Kindle) in countries other than the United States. Her second self-published book, “Scrappy Speedy Solutions Patterns,” is also available and includes 12 wonderful scrap quilt patterns from which a quilter can use Lori’s “Speedy Solutions Techniques” to create gorgeous quilts!

April Jaehn

April Jaehn

April Jaehn is a vibrant quilting enthusiast and traveling educator, renowned for her infectious passion and unwavering dedication to the craft. Her quilting journey began in a unique way, as she found herself immersed in the world of patchwork while living in Hungary. Overcoming the language barrier, April turned to YouTube as her trusted guide, teaching herself the art of quilting stitch by stitch.

Upon retiring, April took a well-deserved year off to decompress and explore her next chapter in life. It was during this introspective period that she discovered her true calling at the local quilt store. Each day spent there felt like coming home, as she became immersed in the vibrant quilting community, forging lasting friendships, and honing her skills.

In 2017, April joined Stitcher's Quest, located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and her quilting journey reached new heights. Working alongside fellow quilting enthusiasts, she found herself constantly learning, laughing, and expanding her knowledge. This dynamic environment fueled her passion and allowed her to further deepen her craft.

In 2021, April's expertise in quilting led her to embark on an exciting venture as a traveling educator with OESD, a renowned machine embroidery house based in Oklahoma. This role perfectly combines her three great passions: machine embroidery, nurturing customer confidence, and the joy of traveling. As an educator, April takes great pride in sharing her knowledge, empowering others to explore their creative potential and discover the wonders of quilting and machine embroidery.

April's artistic style is characterized by a profound appreciation for rich, saturated colors and bold designs. When she's not busy creating masterpieces in front of her sewing machine, she can often be found immersed in the world of quilting in other ways. Whether she's brainstorming new ideas, dreaming up innovative designs, or engaging in lively conversations about quilting, April's dedication and enthusiasm are palpable.

Now, April eagerly awaits the opportunity to embark on this thrilling adventure with fellow quilting enthusiasts like you. With her infectious energy and deep love for the craft, she is excited to share unforgettable moments, exchange ideas, and inspire one another on this remarkable journey.

Join April Jaehn on this extraordinary quilting cruise, and together, let's create memories that will last a lifetime.


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The Save-All Quilt

The Save-All Quilt

Immerse yourself in the rich history and heartfelt story of the remarkable "Save-All Quilt." Crafted around 1880 by the skilled hands of Mary Louisa Snoddy, this treasured quilt encapsulates the essence of a bygone era, where resourcefulness and creativity flourished amidst the frugal lifestyle of the time.

Renowned author Laurel Horton beautifully recounts the tale of the Save-All Quilt, shedding light on its profound significance. Mary Louisa Snoddy, a woman of ingenuity and heartfelt sentiment, ingeniously repurposed scraps of fabric sourced from various garments, household items, and even her beloved mother's dresses. This distinctive approach, born out of necessity and reverence for every cherished piece of cloth, epitomized the spirit of the era.

Finished Quilt Size: 77" x 85"

 yards of coordinated backing fabric will be needed.  

NOTE: If you choose to provide your own fabric you will need The Save-All Quilt Pattern.

Lazy Gardener's Quilt

Lazy Gardener's Quilt

Step into a world of tranquility and natural beauty with the enchanting Lazy Gardener's Quilt Pattern. Designed to capture the essence of a serene garden retreat, this pattern invites you to embark on a quilting adventure that combines simplicity and elegance in perfect harmony. Immerse yourself in the joy of creating a masterpiece inspired by the relaxed beauty of a lazy gardener's haven.

With the Lazy Gardener's Quilt Pattern, you'll discover a delightful combination of ease and sophistication. This pattern embraces the notion that creating a stunning quilt doesn't have to be a laborious task. Just as a lazy gardener allows nature to unfold organically, this pattern encourages you to enjoy the process with minimal effort while reaping the rewards of a visually captivating quilt.

Finished Quilt Size: 56.5" x 74.5"

4.5  yards of coordinated backing fabric will be needed.  

NOTE: If you choose to provide your own fabric you will need Lazy Gardener's Quilt pattern.

Optional Sail 'n Sew Fabric Pack

Our incredible Sail 'n Sew fabric pack includes all of the fabrics and patterns for your projects and they are pre-cut so all you need to do is sit down and sew! The price of the Sail ‘n Sew fabric pack is $358 and it includes precut fabric for the quilt top for both projects including the borders, binding and pattern.  

If you are interested in only one of the kits, you can specify which one on the registration form when you sign up for the cruise. If you would like a Sail ‘n Sew pack, simply select both kits when you fill out the registration form and we'll have it waiting for you on the ship. 

 If you do not wish to purchase a Sail 'n Sew Fabric Pack, remember to pack your own fabrics. We will not have fabrics available for purchase aboard the ship.  You will need to bring your fabric pre-cut and ready for class. You must also bring your pattern or book. You can purchase or download the patterns here: All-Save Quilt Pattern and Lazy Gardener's Quilt pattern.

Note: View the preliminary 2024 Canada & New England Quilting Cruise supply list.  A finalized supply list will also be sent to you 90 days prior to departure. We will not have a store onboard. Please bring all supplies you will need according to the supply list. We suggest you bring an extra project if you feel like you will finish the class projects and need extra sewing.

Click here to see our general quilting supplies recommendations.


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Day 1

Cape Liberty, NJ

With a front-and-center-stage view of Lower New York Harbor, Cape Liberty is only a hop, skip and a short subway ride away from New York City. This dizzying urban landscape is filled to the brim with non-stop adventure around every street corner. Tucked among the Wall Street skyscrapers and bright Broadway lights, you’ll discover ethnic enclaves, like the famed Little Italy, historic brownstones, Old World cathedrals and leafy Central Park. Take in world-renowned exhibits at MoMA or the Guggenheim. Trace America’s multicultural past at Ellis Island and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge before or after boarding your New Jersey cruise. Or snap a selfie with Lady Liberty, with the Big Apple’s skyline dazzling in the background.

Day 1 Image

Day 2


Quilting Classes in the Conference Center!

Day 3

Boston, MA

Toting over 400 years of history, Boston is one of the oldest cities in America. Boston cruises allow you to see Revolution-era relics standing tall amid modern cityscapes, and homes where legendary patriots, politicians and poets once lived. Discover cobblestone charm in Beacon Hill and Paul Revere’s midnight route through the North End. Breathe in salty air along the Harborwalk and ride in a swan boat around Boston Public Garden. Whether it’s walking the Freedom Trail, kayaking on the Charles River, or living time-honored baseball traditions at Fenway Park, you’ll come to find Boston is the birthplace of New England adventure.

Day 3 Image

Day 4

Portland, ME

Once you set foot on the historic cobblestone streets of Portland, Maine, you'll know what keeps visitors flocking to these shores from around the world. Located in the heart of Casco Bay, Portland is home to a mix of activities, from outdoor adventures to artfully curated excursions and food experiences that will leave your taste buds wanting more during your cruise to Portland. Create an adventure in this sophisticated seaside city that perfectly matches your taste: Hike Casco Bay out to the lighthouse, peruse through the shops of Congress Street and the Old Port, or taste your way through the many highly regarded breweries inside the city limits and just beyond.

Day 4 Image

Day 5 & Day 6

Saint John, New Brunswickn (Bay of Fundy)

In Saint John, New Brunswick, you'll discover a perfect mixture of natural and urban adventures. Canada's oldest incorporated city, Saint John is also the country's third-largest port and the only city located on the Bay of Fundy, home to the world's highest tides. Cruise to New Brunswick and stretch your legs while you catch a view of the bay on the Skywalk. Then, discover the local bounty at Saint John City Market, North America's oldest continuing farmers market, and check out its rafters that resemble a ship's inverted hull. Later, head out to explore Irving Nature Park's trails and Rockwood Park, a Stonehammer Geopark site.

Day 5 & Day 6 Image

Day 7


Quilting Classes in the Conference Center!

Day 8

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax was founded as a naval base in 1749 — but you'd never know it from the vibe of this bustling urban capital today. Peer a little closer and you'll see the Citadel, the star-shaped fortress that still stands guard from its hilltop perch. Discover historic architecture, restaurants, museums and boutique shops on the restored waterfront. Hop a ferry to Dartmouth or visit Peggy's Cove. Jump onboard a Nova Scotia cruise and spend your day whale-watching, or sailing, and celebrate the day with some of the best beer and lobster the Maritimes have to offer.

Day 8 Image

Day 9

Cruising - Fun Day At Sea

Fun Day at Sea in the Conference Center. Join us for a special project and product demonstrations.

Day 10

Cape Liberty, NJ

Return to Cape Liberty, New Jersey.

Day 10 Image

The Ship

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The Ship

Liberty Of The Seas

This thrill-packed ship has endless ways to fill your days between scenery scoping and whoa-worthy memory making. From the shriek inducing Tidal Wave℠, the first boomerang style slide at sea to kid favorite Splashaway Bay℠. Plus the coolest ice rink entertainment and mouthwatering meals at every turn.

Conference Room Setup:

On this ship we will be sewing two to a table like the image below.

Note: View the preliminary 2024 Canada & New England Quilting Cruise supply list.  A finalized supply list will also be sent to you 90 days prior to departure. We will not have a store onboard. Please bring all supplies you will need according to the supply list. We suggest you bring an extra project if you feel like you will finish the class projects and need extra sewing.

Click here to see our general quilting supplies


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Staterooms are as follows:

Room TypePrice
Interior Stateroom$1,699.00*
Oceanview Stateroom$1,899.00*
Oceanview w/Balcony Stateroom$2,099.00*

*Non-sewing guests will receive a $250 discount.  

*Port charges, taxes & fees of $449.23 are not included.

Prices are per person, based on double occupancy.

There is a $350 per person deposit due at registration which will secure your price and availability.

This fee includes your cruise fare PLUS all fees to the teachers, a BERNINA sewing machine for the entire cruise, all associated class activities, and classroom support.  You may purchase our precut Sail n Sew kit (supplies are limited) or you are welcome to bring your own precut fabric.

Group travel allows us to provide special touches that are not available on an individual reservation. And unfortunately, discounts from Royal Caribbean are not allowed through our group program. In order to take full benefit from everything Stitchin' Heaven offers on our cruises, you must register through Stitchin 'Heaven Travel. If you have questions or need assistance in changing your individual reservation to a group reservation through Stitchin' Heaven Travel, please let us know.

Travel Information

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Travel Information


With so much to do onboard, chances are really good that you will just use your cabin for changing and sleeping, but it's nice to know that if you want to spend more time there, you will indeed be comfortable. All standard staterooms are attractively decorated in soft tones with fine light woods and two pieces of artwork on the walls. Each stateroom has two beds that convert to queen-size, a private bath, phone, interactive flat-screen TV, mini-bar, hair dryers and air conditioning/heat controls. Bathrooms are on the small side, but functional, and showers have those wonderful, half-round sliding doors as opposed to clingy curtains. Soap and shampoo are also provided.

Travel to and from Destination

You will be responsible for getting to and from the ship.


You can see what the cruise line suggests for dress code while on the ship here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com


Gratuities are a part of your cruise expense and will be collected by Stitchin' Heaven. This fee covers everyone who serves you while you are onboard including all onboard staff, dining staff, and your cabin steward. Stitchin' Heaven Travel will then pay these gratuities for our entire group prior to sailing.  Therefore, you will be charged $144.00 for gratuities at the time of final payment. Please be aware that an additional gratuity is automatically added to bar tabs. We encourage you to add additional tip for superior service.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not included, but is available for your protection from Royal Caribbean in the form of their Travel Protection Program. The cost varies by room type and cruise and both cabin-mates must purchase it separately. In the event insurance is used please be aware that it covers the cost of the cruise only. Sewing package fees are not refunded.

**Insurance fee are due in full when you choose to add it to your reservation

COVID-19 Vaccination Required

The cruise ship companies have worked diligently with the CDC and government officials in order to continue cruising from the US. Our commitment is to provide an enjoyable event with the utmost safety to our guests. Ship protocols will need to be observed at all times and are subject to change at Royal Caribbean’s discretion. These protocols are changing quickly so please check the Royal Caribbean website for the most current information. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate through these uncertain waters.


Call for Price