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BERNINA - Cutwork Tool (Includes Foot #44)

SKU: BER034276.72.00
With the CutWork tool, you can cut out forms cleanly and precisely. To achieve the desired results, you will need a BERNINA machine capable of embroidery and the CutWork tool, which you will insert in place of the needle. Break the mold and combine your embroideries with CutWork. You will be amazed at the gorgeous effects you can achieve whether on garments, accessories, or quilts.The CutWork tool will be attached in place of the needle on an embroidery-capable BERNINA. It is a small knife that rotates in four directions in order to change the respective direction of cutting. The CutWork motif can be loaded using a USB flash drive in the embroidery machine. Using the embroidery module and the CutWork tool, the motif can then be easily cut out by your BERNINA. With the CutWork tool, up to 15 layers can be cut out at once, depending on the material.The BERNINA DesignWorks Software Suite and the companion accessory tools are compatible with the following BERNINA embroidery machine models: B560; B580; B750 QE; B780; B830; B880

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